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Under active thyroid

Was shocked to discover I've put on 4 stone in the last 4 years, a combination of a sedentary job with a long commute, too many meals out and not enough exercise.

I have an under active thyroid, I take levithyroxine and have levels checked regularly but am aware that weight goes on and stays on and seems harder to shift. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm hoping a sensible eating plan and regular exercise will melt the pounds away, but would be interested to know of any food/exercise combination that help really boost the metabolism.

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Hi,the only advise I've got is Water with fresh lemon juice,and a slice of Lemon,just keep topping it up and sipping all day. It does you good and it's also a Dietrich .


It is now becoming accepted that we've all been raised with wrong dietary advice. The whole low fat high carb diet universally recommended is what puts on the pounds. Work on cutting sugar and flour as much as you can- that's where the weight comes from. Fat won't put on fat and saturated fat won't kill you, it is fat your body can use. So don't avoid butter and other saturated fats like we've been trained to do. That's what will fill you up. Eat plenty of fish, meat, chicken, vegetables and good fats, and try to work on eliminating the big end of the carbs- sugar, cereal, bread, pasta, etc. That stuff is addictive, it adds pounds and it makes you tired, to say nothing of the huge impact wheat and sugar have on your health. Those things are at the root of the obesity/diabetes/heart disease mess. Even the so-called healthy whole grains will do the same thing. Keep us posted and hope you do well! If you want to look into this, check out and The tide is finally turning where "official" dietary advice is concerned.

Side note- here in the US there is an ad for shredded wheat with sugar frosting and they have the gall to promote that as a healthy breakfast!! How to set your children on the path to disease without really trying!


Hidden sugar, daily intake can be few grams which we do not see as sugar!


Yes, it sure gets complicated. Salad dressing, ketchup, even peanut butter has hidden sugar.


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