Not good 🙁

Well, not good because the scales tell me I've lost only 0.1kg and I've been walking 4 miles a day, been on the exercise bike, etc. Have eaten very carefully as usual. Hmm....well, so unhappy with that. Oh, and I burnt my tongue on Sunday so nothing tastes normal. In fact, nothing tastes at all!! Also, rather a traumatic, sad week with illness and rapidly worsening dementia of a loved one. Feeling really fed up and down. 🙁 I know there are going to be weeks like this, and I know I have to carry on with the healthy eating, and I will, of course. Just needed to say it really.

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  • Sorry to read of your tough week. Don't beat yourself up about the small amount of weight loss, be proud of yourself that you have lost a small amount, which is better than nothing, or, dare I say, putting it on x

  • Thank you 😉

  • Thinking of you Jweanie 😕 It's very difficult watching to decline of our loved ones 😕 Please take care of yourself 😊

  • Thank you Anna. My loved one passed away last night.

  • Deepest sympathy 😢 These are difficult days, you are in my thoughts ❤️

  • so sorry to hear of your loss. i send my sincere sympathy to you. i hope that your able to get back on track, it must have been terrible to watch your loved one disappear, as thats what happens with dementia, my friends mother had it and its a dreadful thing to see. may your loved one now rest in peace.and you try and look after yourself now love. all the best wishes to you. love grace xoxoxo

  • Thank you so much Grace

  • god bless you dear. take good care now. xoxoxo❤️

  • So sorry for your loss. You take care of yourself.

  • Thank you so much .

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