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I am wondering how many of you out there are "chocoholic" ? I know it's not easy to admit you are addicted to chocolate or more importantly, sugar.

I have never smoked and use drugs. I drank heavily years ago but have given that up.

I hate seafood and if there's any food I am not keen on, I just simply don't eat that food.

Late last year, I started to link my dizziness with drinking fizzy drinks, so I tested myself by not having any fizzy drinks for a while then had a pint of coke. Big mistake. I was so dizzy I couldn't drive. Then I just gave up fizzy drinks, just like that. I haven't had any for more than 3 months now. I drink fruit tea or water and I feel fantastic.

Crisps. I used to eat various flavours. But as time passes I started to despise the flavours and additional stuff to make the flavours. Now I stick to plain crisps, usually kettle chips. Ah that's delicious and I only have it once in a while. But...

I admit I am a chocoholic. Chocolate is my favourite food. I eat too much of it. I know. It's just as bad as smoking if not worse because it's so cheap and readily available. So much choice too. So my mind knows it's not good for me yet my heart just can't stop eating chocolate. So why is it that I can just "switch off" with other food and not have them anymore, but not with chocolate?

I had given up choc for a whole year about 6 years ago. I did it! But that was then. This is now...

Earlier this week, my husband challenged me to not eat chocolate for the rest of the week. It was Tuesday at the time, ahh easy I thought, only 5 days of no chocolate. Easy right? Wrong! I suffered withdrawal. Terrible migraine, couldn't see or do anything, was so dopey for two days. I actually was shaking and needed my choc fix. I didn't give in. I didn't realise it got this bad. However yday I went for my run (week 2 run 2 of c25k) and felt so good afterwards that I ate less all day naturally without thinking about it.

So again, I ask, why can't I switch off with chocolates? Are any of you chocoholics? There should be CA groups (chocoholics anonymous!) !!

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I'm a chocoholic! Chocolate & cheese were my favourite foodies & then I developed a lactose intolerance, so now I can only eat certain chocolate but I still manage to eat loads of it!


I'm just like you.Can't live without chocolate especially this time a year .Its too easily available .I've recently lost some weight but at this rate will soon put it back on.I get so cross with myself .Good luck .


I adore chocolate and try not to have any in the house. However, I then find that I eat more to compensate! During the winter I love drinking hot chocolate made with milk but I mixed hot chocolate powder with cocoa powder which had a more chocolatey flavour and now just use cocoa powder in the drink. I also find it better to have a small size Galaxy bar of chocolate in the fridge - I know it's there so I don't go foraging and in the event I absolutely have to have some chocolate then it's there - usually lasts just over a week!


I've known for years that I am somewhat of a chocoholic. If I start, I can't stop. But it's also true for me with anything with processed sugar, especially baked goods which also have processed flours. My solution for chocolate was to learn to eat the totally unsweetened baker's chocolate or put a tablespoon of cacao powder in a fruit smoothie. My solution for processed flours and processed sugar in general was to give up (as much as possible) anything and everything with processed sugar and/or flour and avoid processed foods. I try to stick to fresh whole foods, gluten-free, and simple home-made. I can go weeks without a problem--perfectly happy with fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and fruit/vegetable smoothies, but if I let a package of cookies into the house "for the grandchildren", and eat even one bite, I'm immediately back to "can't stop" with truly addictive behavior--even going so far as eating all the cookies myself and going to the store, repeatedly, for more. So at our house, Grandpa keeps all the candy and baked goods locked away where I don't see or smell it, and he shares it with the grandchildren when I'm out of the room.


Thanks for your comments - it does help knowing that I am not the only person in the world feeling like this!

Despite a little setback - took kids to Cadbury World and had lots of free chocolate! - I have resolved to continue with my husband's challenge of making it through the day without chocolate. (Hot chic drink is an exception) So far I have failed once this week. But it's not about failing, its about recognising what triggers my weakness and find my hand reaching for the chocolate! I hardly ever have it in the house anyway, so it's more of a hassle to have to go to the shop to get it, but I kinda guess that is a setback in itself, because when I do make an effort to go to the shop, I buy lots then I eat it all in one go. Well, not for the last couple of weeks. I am determined to beat the chocolate power! Who's with me?!


I also love chocolate in all it's forms and discovered that dark chocolate, greater than 70% cocoa content, is good for you. A 2" square a day has proven health benefits and stops the cravings.

I treat myself to a couple of squares a night and knowing that I have that treat lined up after dinner stops me from snacking on milk chocolate by day.


I have been reading 2 books- Grain Brain and Wheat Belly, the latter explains the addictive power of wheat, and exactly how it is addictive, what it does to your brain. So I'm wondering what it is in the chocolate that is addictive, other than the obvious- sugar. Bet there's something else there.


Another thought- there are lots of people that believe that a chocolate craving could indicate a magnesium deficiency. And in a brief internet search I found this article about compounds in chocolate that are found in alcohol- interesting reading: Sounds like true withdrawal that you go through, but not many apparently acknowledge the possibility of chocolate being truly addictive. I'd beg to differ!


Thanks for your comments. I have to say I did have a little chocolate during Easter but I also didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.. so going back to not eating choc if I can help it!

How about you guys?


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