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I've been off work for about a year will be going back soon not sure how it will go it's like starting a new or in my case new jobs on the bright side I should be moving to a one bedroom flat. I've started cooking again not so good two cakes that look like biscuits second cake not to bad just had to turn them upside down to ice ,the icing was a bit thin but the cake was not to bad lemon cake that looked like a Minion.Batch cooking and freezing I've made cottage pie lasagne burgers with fish chicken lamb and pork and vegetarian must eat more vegetables grains and legumes.Must get out more walk and swim got walking part still have to get the swim suit out might have to buy a new one as I'm not the same size which is why it is taking so long to get my self in to the pool Love and hugs to all xxx

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Good to hear you are soon going back to work. Hope all goes well for you now.

Best wishes



Thank you x


I'm going on holiday to Portugal in 4 weeks and i would like to be thin. Could someone tell me if i can lose weight on this diet and how much a week. is this a HEALTHY diet.

oh and i do about 20 minutes of walking a day and 2 hours of sport a week. thanks :)

breakfat: cereal-special kay

lunch- crackers, tamatoe and salad cream with cereal bar.

tea- jacket patato with tuna or pasta or chicken and chips (this is just the main ones i can think of)

snack- an apple.


Cereal bars are not good for you chicken with salad or vegetables with rice and oats are the best thing for breakfast what are lunch crackers try home made soup NO How much mayo do you use ?


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