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Another AF er

Hi I also joined the group recently. I have had AF, currently no episodes since heart procedure in March 2014 but I then developed Myasthenia graves, which is an autoimmune disease where antibodies attack the neurotransmitter Acetycholine which is what activates the muscle into action. It's a bit like MS.

Today was a good day in that I could do normal things for about 4 hours, that's me done now for the day so resting. I can't drive nor walk very far or exercise for more than a very short time. Needless to say I need to eat healthily. I have had colitis and IBS in the past so gleaned a lot from those experiences. I know gut health is crucial and to that end have eaten pretty healthily for the last 30 years. Always keen to learn more and I am particularly keen in mutual help, cooperation and motivation.

I am particularly interested in the role of inflammation in causing disease, especially autoimmune disease and it would be nice to lose some weight. I lost 10 lbs since Christmas and am now stuck.

The AF era know me but a big Hi to the rest of you guys and looking forward to learning more.

Came across this site recently, am going to follow the cleanse diet on return from hols, in Spain at present but main home is UK.

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Welcome CDreamer!

Its great that you decided to eat healthier! I had a look on the link you posted and I don't really agree with some of the tips there - specially the ones about Colon Hydrotherapy and Herbal Laxatives on slide 7. Considering you had IBS in the past, I think you should check with a health professional before doing something like that...

But, regardless of your decision please share your experiences with the community! Use the topic "Dieting experiences" :)


Thanks Simone, i was interested In doing the elimination diet rather than the colonic cleansing because I did something similar in the 1970s which really worked for me. I have had no problem with IBS for the las 25 years, but I use my gut as a barometer for general health.

As I said in my original post I am interested in inflammation and it's significance in autoimmune diseases. As AFers we have learned that there is a direct link between health and eating. Many of us find that we get a vagal response after consuming certain foods or simply from eating a large meal.

And thanks for the tip eye dieting experiences.

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