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Loosing WEIGHT

Want to loose weight?start chewing food 25-30 times,because 65% of food gets digested in the mouth if chewed properly.Also dilutes the food with Saliva which in turn helps stomach juices to digest the food properly.Do not watch TV,do not read,Concentrated on enjoying the food,Do not drink any thing,not even water while eating,but after food drink plenty of water.As far as possible eat 50% raw and 50% cooked food.RAW food helps us to get enough macro and Micro nutrients which might get destroyed while cooking.In a week to 10 days you'll notice the change.

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I always try to do this, but bad habits die hard. But 65%? May I ask where you get your figures from? (I believe you, I'm just a bit of a nerd with collecting sources)


Even though I learnt it in school as well as in college, your own research on the Internet,wikipedia etc.Ya agree it is very hard to begin with but once you becomes a habit.Also one starts becoming stomachful with little'll be surprised


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