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4.30 and still on track! New to 5:2

I am currently Graduate of C25K programme and trying to keep on top of my weight whilst I'm off with a damaged Achilles tendon. I have decided to start the 5:2 diet and on several previous occasions when I have tried I have realised by lunchtime that I've already blown it for the 500 calorie daily ration and given up on the attempt.

Today I have given myself a jolly good talking to and so far I've only used up 30 calories since my meal last night. I am a little hungry at 4.30 but by drinking warm water (by the pint!) I am managing to fend off spoiling the day and succumbing to the urge to eat.

It is really hard for me but I MUST take control of my self inflicted weight issues. If I can succeed today I should be able to manage the fast day next time.

I am T2 diabetic and the running has made a HUGE difference to my BS control but since being injured it has all gone pear shaped and my weight is creeping up again. I am doing the Fast Exercise cycling HIT regime and hope that even this tiny amount of exercise will help me to maintain the improvements I've made so far. I'm finding this so hard!


5.30 and just had the most tasty meal!. salad of avocado and tomato slices with a tiny few drips of chilli and ginger dipping sauce. Smoked cod cooked with tiny baby mushrooms and shallots. Afterwards Blueberries and creme fraiche. Trying to stick to a low carb eating.

Do you know I think this will help me to get there. I REALLY enjoyed my meal. So if I can put up with the hunger that's a great payoff by enjoying my meal later on. I struggled this afternoon but it has paid off!

Fingers crossed I've turned a corner now!

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Good luck! You shouldn't feel hungry on a low-carb diet, and I notice you've controlled them rather than eliminate them, which will enable you to get a balance of nutrients.


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