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Been lusting after an Italian style hot chocolate for WEEKS. Said NO!

I am currently doing C25K. Well, I've finished it actually but still running on alternate days. I discovered, quite by accident, that the tea shop in my local park serves that lovely gloopy hot chocolate. I had one in Venice once and it is absolutely gorgeous! I've been promising myself one for ages.

Today I planned to do my run and go home the long way round via the park and the tea shop. Got up very late to do my run but set off eventually, having decided I could make today a fast day in the 5:2 plan. Gloopy hot chocolate doesn't quite fit with keeping to 500 calories for the day, does it?

I am really chuffed that I actually ran PAST said tea shop and on to the outdoor gym where I did my arm exercises instead. I think the psychological boost from weighing myself this morning and I am now in the 75kg range - i.e. in the next kilo down, it would be such a shame to waste that! (Only 10kg to go now!)

Home again now, freezing cold but chuffed to bits that I am in control of myself again! Forgot to buy the houmous for sensible lunch. Never mind.

Really hungry now!

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You did good Beek, well done :)


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