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Do you know how much sugar there is in your drinks? 🧃

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Hi everyone,

As its sugar awareness week and many members want to lost weight/ pre-diabetic or for whatever reason we need to know that's there can be 12 tea spoons of sugar in a small can of cola and even more in some. In fact having one of these soft drinks everyday can increase your chances of getting Type 2 diabetes by 22% so I think as this years sugar awareness week is how much sugar is in your drink, that this link will surprise many, please see:

Here's a link to Sugar Awareness Week:

I drink water tea and coffee the most and occasionally have some hot chocolate where I add a small teaspoon of brown sugar, so I think I'm lucky. 😊

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Michalbaner profile image

good post! This stuff is pure evil with absolutely zero benefits. Zero calories are even worse with the added neurotoxins. Pure water and herbal teas ftw

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Thanks Michalbaner it's hard to imagine that a drink can have so much sugar and ironically sugar and caffeine de hydrate us and if they'e salt as well they will make us thirsty...🤢

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Matt2584 in reply to

I would think that if sugar and caffeines dehydrate us and the suppliers/manufacturers of fizzy drinks add sugar anyway, it is most probably to make more money.

In other words, a person buys a coke, drinks it then says to himself “I’m still a bit thirsty”. So he goes and buys another coke.

Not only does this person think he is quenching his thirst by buying more of the same drink but he is making himself more unhealthy and fatter.

Now if you go and read about the New World Order and depopulation then you can see how all this fits into place.

In other words, is diet coke trying to help kill off the population?

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Coke is the work of the devil!

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I think an important thing with sugary drinks, is the caloric availability of the sugar as well. It's already broken down for you, so your body has to do next to no work to extract those calories, and you therefore absorb nearly 100% of them. Eating something sweet still requires your body to do a little bit of work, so I don't think it's as bad.

I make my own mocha drinks and once I have finished the hot chocolate I have in the cupboard I'll be making them with cacao powder so to avoid the sugar and will add some Stevia as a sweetener. I've stopped adding coconut sugar to my herbal teas now so that's a bonus - slowly slowly catch a monkey as they say. :)

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Hi Alicia this is more about the ridiculousness amounts of sugar used in some drinks which are empty calories that rot our teeth and this is about common sense as some people have more than one fizzy drink every day.

You're so right one step at a time and you'll reach your goal...😊

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Matt2584 in reply to

There is an interesting video of Jamie Oliver giving a talk about sugar.

I think old coke and Pepsi bottles look neat and thats the best I can say about it...😊

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Matt2584 in reply to

That is how the food industry works.

All the sweet, unhealthy foods have eye-catching wrapping which makes people look at them and makes them want to buy them, and of course the adverts that are splashed around on tv and in magazines and newspapers also help with that.

Also they are cheaper, another eye-catching aspect.

But the healthy foods can be in pretty dull wrapping and cost more and people would likely scroll past them in a shop.

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Matt2584 in reply to

I think more and more people should take note of a film called “They live”.

I think humanity is being tested.

Tested to see how foolish we can be.

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Hi Hidden

I tend to drink plain tap water, plus coffees and teas during the day and evening. I used to have sugar in my tea and coffee, but I stopped that a few years back, and haven't missed it.

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Hi Zest and good for you, I drink tap water as bottled water is in plastic bottles the water has more bacteria than tap water. I saw a program about it and it said the best bottled water was stored for a year in the fridge so the bacteria would multiply and die and then the water would be OK.

The mains water pipes are under ground so the tap water is cold refreshing and there's more room in the fridge...😊

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Matt2584 in reply to

I no longer drink tap water because of the fluoride content (sodium fluoride).

I drink more coconut water now.

Dentists tell you that fluoride is added to water to help our teeth.

You can believe that if you like or not. I don’t believe that.

I don’t trusts dentists or doctors.

As for toothpastes, I get healthier toothpaste from Holland & Barrett because they don’t have fluoride in them.

You can pick up a tube of Colgate toothpaste and it will contain ‘sodium fluoride’.

If you go do a search on the net about sodium fluoride you will see that it is a byproduct and was is used as rat poison!

So what is this doing in our toothpaste, drinking water, mouthwash and other things?

Fran182716 profile image

I drink tea and decaf coffee with milk but no sugar, fruit flavour herbal teas, water with a little splash of fruit juice so very minimal sugar, and occasionally drink cocoa (not hot chocolate) I used to add a little sugar to that but now I make it with a full mug of whole fat milk I don’t need any sugar.

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Good for you Fran as we don't need sugary drinks. 😊

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Beverages are a good way to cut on sugar... because there is hidden sugar in a lot of food, mostly hyper transformed foods.

I always had my coffee black... tha't the way I like it. Once my uncle sait to me... with all the coffee you will drink in your life, imagine all the sugar you save by not putting some in every cup of coffe you'll drink in your life!

I've stopped my daily intake of fruit juices years ago. Well, I would never eat 4 oranges in a row... and that' what I got in terms of sugar when doing that.

So now, If I want some juice, I'll eat an orange... and I will have the benefits of the fiber that's in it!

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Sounds good to me SenateurDupont and wise words from your uncle. 😊

zube-UK profile image

Local spring water, ice cold from the source near Littledean is my supply. Also green or black tea with no sugar. Every day a raw green juice made with kale, celery, cucumber, ginger and beetroot, I have a masticating juicer and blender.

At night I drink lime flower tea, I gather the lime flowers in summer and dry them, the lime flower tea is very calming and sedative.

My favourite tipple is a glass or two of home made plumb or elderberry wine, ha - no sulphites in that to give you a hangover !.. Cheers 🍷

in reply to zube-UK

Hey I like the sound of this the local spring water sounds really interesting and your tea sounds charming.

What you want to be careful of is having one to many plumb or elderberry wine and having wine flu the next morning...😀

WeeNanny profile image

In the morning I drink a portion of orange juice topped up with sparkling water, I drink tea without milk or sugar (done that for years) also I drink Coke Zero and Sugar Free Irn Bru, the tap water where I live is absolutely disgusting - hence sparkling water and I feel fine

in reply to WeeNanny

You're aware of the sugar in drinks and have taken action WeeNanny so good for you. 😊

Matt2584 profile image

Hi Jerry,

I used to consume absolutely tons of sugar when I was little via fizzy drinks and by the sweet treats.

I am aware of the copious amounts of sugar that goes into fizzy drinks and the diet drinks without sugar but sweeteners instead are worse.

I have a brain injury (as you know) and am not surprised one little bit if my very poor diet and rare consumption of natural, REAL food is the biggest reason for my injury.

I know a lot of people may disagree with that.

Now I try to keep my sugar consumption in small doses.

You have all different kinds of sugar to keep an eye on, natural sugars/sweeteners and man-made sugars.

I know some people say “Sugar is sugar” but that suggests all sugar is the same. I really don’t think it is all the same.

Consuming lots of refined sugar will make you fat as well as unhealthy, fructose doesn’t. It might pile on the pounds but not as much as refined sugar and it’s not unhealthy too.

in reply to Matt2584

Hi Matt, I believe that the more natural and unrefined sugar is the better and only buy those.

I think that it's easy to blame a pro diet for many things and one things for sure it doesn't help when things go wrong and our bodies need vital nutrients and are hit with empty calories and a sugar rush.

So well done for adopting a healthier diet. 😊

Matt2584 profile image
Matt2584 in reply to

What do you mean by “pro diet”?

Do you mean a diet with hardly any nutrients?

Nutrients are very very important for our bodies and as one brain injured friend said to me in the Headway community forum “Nutrients are everything”.

in reply to Matt2584

Hi Matt, I apologise I meant to say poor diet so thanks for pointing this out and I've edited my reply.

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Matt2584 in reply to

By the way this person has recovered a lot from consuming the correct nutrients now.

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Thats great Matt I'm very pleased for you. 😊

Grandpa-Chuckie profile image

YEP! Thanks for the alert. Not just the sugar, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. Think there is a relationship of high sugar/CS/HFCS and "Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease"? Research how the liver processes sugar; then look at HFCS and the effects on the liver. For additional enlightenment, research how HFCS is made!!

It's shocking the number of kids who are diagnosed with NAFLD. Check it out! I pray parents will wake up and see what is happening to their children!!!

Thank you, Jerry for posting this!!!!

Thank you Grandpa-Chuckie its by discussing these things on social media that word gets out. It's empowerment through knowledge. 😊

Matt2584 profile image
Matt2584 in reply to

That’s right Jerry.

“Knowledge is power”

The more people know, the better.

DW99 profile image

It's surprising how much they can cram into drinks. The chain coffee shops (Costa etc) add lots to their 'shots' /extras in your coffee.

Also had a trip to the dentist this week, they had a post up about sugar in drinks. A regular fruit shoot has almost as much sugar coke. Shocking considering its a kids drink.

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