I'm making better choices

I did something today that kind of scared me but is good for me. I switched doctors today. I had been going to someone for awhile that just wasn't very good at her job. I just realized at the last appointment the standard of care had really been lowered. So I switched to someone else who is an excellent doctor. Does anyone feel uncomfortable when you change something in your life?

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  • Change is uncomfortable but I think you did great to do what's best for you.

    Great decision!

  • Thank you.

  • I HATE change!!! I'm terrified of changing doctors, trying to find a therapist..... it's past the point of feeling uncomfortable - it's total panic! We've had 2 neighbors move in the past few weeks, and new neighbors have moved in next door... it was terrifying until I was forced to meet them. All's well now... now to wait and see who else moves into the vacant houses in this neighborhood.... eeeek!!!!

  • Yes I feel scared about change on many levels. Yet I know it is good to take risks. I still feel uncomfortable but know this doctor will take better care of me and is more thorough. I hope that you find someone you feel comfortable to talk to. Yes new neighbors moving in is always a huge dread. Yet I'm glad that it worked out that you met them and hope other people that move in work out too.

  • Not at all. That is a brave and bold move. Good for you

  • Wow you don't feel uncomfortable when you make a change? How did you get to a place where you weren't uncomfortable? Lucky. I hope I feel that way some day. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • I DEF find change very difficult and uncomfortable but healthy changes like the one you made are essential to healing and growth. You should be so proud of yourself! I know how hard these kinds of decisions can be.

    I was so proud of myself last week just for standing up to my dentist and refusing a second X-ray bc they mistakenly screwed up the first. I said no to the extra one and they ended up recovering and being able to use the first one anyway! I was so happy I said no or would have taken the second one for nothing!!

    These small victories are actually huge for us!!😃

  • Thank you for encouraging me to be proud of myself. I appreciate that. Yes it does feel like healing and growth. Good for you for standing up to your dentist. That is so cool that you did that. Great job. Yes it is a small victory and they are huge victories. YAY!

  • I must admit I thought you said "comfortable" :-/ I feel uncomfortable even in my sleep. I think it is very brave to get a new dr though. That was the crux of my enthusiasm. Still think it's awesome that you did that.

  • Oh I see. Thanks.

  • Willingtoheal, good for you. Yes, change is scary and uncomfortable but the more I do it, the easier it gets, and the more I trust myself to get through it and be able to make another change in case it does not work our well. I have discovered the power of choice, and so have you!

    For these reasons I no longer use the word "survivor" (instead of "victim"). I call myself an "agent," and recently I heard Dr Phil use the phrase, "change agent." I really love that and it will be my new self-designation. It means that I feel empowered to make positive changes in my life!

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