Coming along

If felt better lately but I'm still always looking for peace and god I want to completely go to him first I've been listening to positive Christ music and find myself in tears when I listen there is so much more to life then what I thought I hope to recover more and more everyday and I pray for everybody else in a difficult situation thanks for all the support and feedback from this group you all are awesome!

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  • I'm sooooo glad you're feeling better, Amerie! It certainly sounds like you're on a good path. :) Thanks for the prayers! <3

  • Thank you anyac god bless!

  • It is excellent to read you are doing well. I feel like I am in a black hole. It is encouraging to read this. I am so tired of the way I feel and I think I have a long road to go down. Thank you for your prayers. M x

  • I hope you feel better I truly understand

  • It took me a while and im not going to lie there are days where I do feel lost and I mean completely but I can find peace in the air in realizing wow I woke up again today thank god i seriously hated life and myself but I hope you can also get out of it trust in god try to find him if you believe in him your not alone ! Be strong be brave

  • @Marget55

  • I hope you feel better today

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