woman on the edge .... proud of me

Yesterday I passed my level 4 preparing to teach lifelong learning skills (PTLLS). It has taken me a year instead of the normal 6 or 13 weeks part time or 1 week fulltime but I did it.

Nearly four years since my fall from a step ladder bounced and dented my brain and I had to learn to talk again there I was in front of a classroom of students giving a lesson on health and safety; my career prior to my fall.

So today the fact I was told I had passed has sunk through my foggy brain and I am proud of me.

So next step ... I dont have any real idea ....but I would like to work teaching or training adults with brain injuries.... where to start ?

but that can wait as today I AM PROUD OF ME

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  • congratulations good for you

  • congratulations your story has made me feel there is hope for my son thank you

  • Thanks xx

    I have been lucky to have the support of some good friends and family and a superb team at the hospital all of whom have refused to let me believe I was washed up.

    and my grandson (autistic) who thinks I am mad and great

  • Congratulations. Well done x

  • Well done you,fantastic, congrats

  • Hurrah - congratulations!

  • well done you have given lots of us hope for a future thats possibly bright.xxxx

  • I think we all have a bright future it just may not be the same as our past; I feel I am living on the edge of someones ordinary life that is just not mine anymore.

    Each day becomes an adventure when you forget things as often as I do.

    there is a light at the end of the tunnel but I feel at times it is a torch with a fading battery or life on a train coming at me.

    Thanks x

  • That is fantastic news! Were you nervous talking to people?

  • Nervous? ... petrified comes close.

    Not sure I could do it again for a while though; but little steps and I got there yesterday so I can get there again.

    Thanks.... blowing my own trumpet it is pretty fantastic

  • Fantastic, and so you should be proud. It also help give others hope. My Dad has hardly spoken in 5 months. Thanks for sharing your good news xx

  • I spoke but it was rubbish, a lot of swearing and a terrible stammer... and so often the wrong word for stuff.

    My favourite being the impotent, incompetent, important visitor. Take your pick one out of three maybe right!

  • Thanks for your good wishes. I am still sort of amazed and surprised.

    When we were asked what we had wanted to achieve my classmates had all sorts of aims and goals and were full of ideas as to their next step.

    My answer was just I wanted to prove there is life after brain damage; they were surprised as they knew I had a fall but did not realise how much of a fight it was for me to get there.

    If I can give hope and encouragement to any of you then I am a happy Pixie.

    Hugs to the world today and endless smiles for now anyway.

  • HUGE Congratulations to you... I am pretty sure we all appreciate just how much it took. Well done! I am sure that this will be just the start of good things for you.

  • Well done, i'm a teacher and i know how difficult it was for me just to get back to doing the job after my SAH a year ago. I still have issues but couldn't imagine starting to train as a teacher, it was hard enough when i had been doing the job for years.

  • Fantastic news, you should indeed be proud xx

  • hi 5 as my children tell me :) i too fell from ladder at work 6 years ago and have head and spine injuries but my love for life has kept me going and i too would love to teach arty things? art-therapy ? where to start? how to start? any ideas? keep going and you will suceed. good luck in all you do

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