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On the BBC News website today...

My husband just pointed this out to me:

"Brain injury woman publishes diary of steps to recovery"


"A brain injured mother has written a memoir she can refer to, so that her husband doesn't have to keep repeating the same stories over and over. ..."

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Co-incidentaly I have been thinking of writing a book about my experiences over the last 50 yrs following my TBI trouble is my typing / writing is attrocious it would take 50 yrs to write it


if your speech is reasonable you could use Dragon software. It's a package that you install on your computer and it recognises your voice and types what you say. Well some times! It does make mistakes but it's pretty good. I've had it for years due to dyslexia while studying. I was given mine by the OU, so I don't know how much it costs.

If you have a continuous speech problem E.G. a stutter, or slurred, it learns to decipher that and recognise your speech pattern, but it won't work if your speech varies when you're tired for example.


Dragon software varies in price, though if you have a Mac there has been dictation software built in for a good 15years or more.

Though dyslexic my memory or lack of it means I finds speech to text harder than just typing.

So bar the odd play can't say I,ve used speech to text often.


That's a shame. I used to use it all the time pre SAH, but like you memory is now a problem. Dragon doesn't comprehend 'um' which I say about 3 times per sentence at the moment! Plus I forget where I'm going and waffle, I'm hoping it will improve as typing is so slow for me!

2 years ago when I had a small stroke I had to retrain it to recognise my voice, as it kept coming up 'unknown user, would you like to create a new user?' So having fought patiently to retrain it (and myself!) once already, I'm hoping I can do it again now. :)


My short term memory was allways extremly poor. Remebering say two digits always was rather a long shot, as for 3 such as first part of a postcode....

And in particular very poor vebal memory, I'm much better with visual. hence I don't do well with audio information or even videos and the like. and oddly do much better with text, I also was trained to touch type etc.

Bar name recall which is a touch worse, memory is uneffected directly, gets worse if I'm tired which is more often still.


i'm a try in it now as you can see it works fine until i will be thereare you going to julie lol ( should have written my voice starts slurring ) I am now typing as it is more efficent


Lol I was using it during one of my exams, I said the word research in the middle of a sentence and it hooked on to 'research' as a command and promptly opened the thesaurus! Scared of being disqualified, I was frantically covering the screen with my hands and giving it the command to stop, which is 'go to sleep!' The 'whatever you call the person who supervises exams' looked at me as if I was nuts until I explained!

It also never successfully learned the name 'Vygotsky' despite my patient training of it. It wrote 'I've got the key' the whole way through the essay! Mind you like it matters now, I can't even r'mber who he is or what he did anymore! :(


:-) Thanks for sharing that!

You meant 'invigilator'. i only know because I get drafted in to do it, sometimes.


That's the word! :)


Thanks for the tip x


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