Update on Jack and Sophie

If you have read my posts before, Jack and Sophie are brother and sister who were involved in a serious car accident 18 months ago, and both now have brain injuries, different brain injuries. After a rough week, I feel I can off load on here. I attended a Children's Brain Injury conference last week, and found it bit of a reality shock. It made me realize what our future is probably going to hold, things you think at the time, only happen to other people. The reality of support these 2 children will possibly need for the rest of their lives was the hardest part to get my head round and finding it hard to accept. Will they ever live independently, have a occupation, have relationships, get married and have their own family are questions nobody can answer. We are working hard to get Jack to secondary school in September, another massive hurdle to get over. Sophie has another year at primary school, but really struggling, and both children being refused statements is really frustrating, and shows again that the system dosnt really understand brain injury. We are going to tribunal with Durham County. I feel everything is a fight, to get what these 2 special children need, but we keep fighting, and handle things one day at a time. We had a special assembly at school today, Jack was to embarrassed to play his clarinet and guitar in front of everyone, which wouldn't of bothered him once. Sophie was disappointed she didn't win the Easter Egg Competition. But a very proud and emotional moment when Jack was the only pupil in school to receive an excellence award for his hard work and preparing for his SAT's. I was the happiest mam in that room, and had lots of tears today. So proud xx

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Hi, I was only reading one of your old posts today and was wondering how you were getting along. Glad to hear that school is as well as can be expected but feel for you with the struggles you have with the bureaucracy, it seems that it's a real fight to get statements for them, you wouldn't be pursuing them if it wasn't necessary. I have a granddaughter with a genetic disorder and my son and daughter-in-law had to fight so hard to get the help she needed. It's a postcode lottery too, all wrong.

Keep up the good work and remember our thoughts are with you xxxx Janet


Thank you so much Julie for this update on Jack and Sophie.

I'm sorry you found the conference so worrying but please don't let it blight your view of the potential of these two brave little souls.

That was a super achievement of Jack's with his SATs prep. and he and Sophie are individuals who'll have their share of influence in their future lives, quite apart from what the statistics say.

You're a brilliant, caring mum, and with your continuing support I hope they'll both go on to exceed your (& their own) expectations even further, and on into the future.

I don't doubt for a minute that it's hard-going. All the more reason for a hefty pat on the back for each of you. Hope your other daughter is ok & you make time occasionally for yourself.

Best wishes Cat x


Don't know what to say, just sending support really and wanted you to know that I've been following your story and think of you and your family. Wishing you all the best.


Thank you as always for your replies. I do feel this is the best place to put my feelings down, but very hard sometimes, i still get very angry and upset, and think why us xxx


Thinking of you really hope things get better for you all love and big hugs to all xxxx


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