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Woman on the edge ... home cooking lesson 3. How to burn potatoes

Woman on the edge ... home cooking lesson 3. How to burn potatoes

Peel and chop to sort of equal, so far as spatial comprehension permits, sized chunks and cover with water add salt and boil.

Yep got that much right .......

Forget to take off the boil and turn to simmer and forget that the pot is on the stove.

When the air smells of accrid smoke realise that yet again there is a culinary amusement happening in the kitchen....

It took me several attempts to remove the burned bits off the bottom of my pan but I did succeed to the surprise of my partner who had already consigned my saucepan to the 'trip to the tip'.

Cooking is such an adventure ... and such a great source of amusement. The local pizza place love my disasters! It would seem to be a job creation scheme...

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I'm not sure I'll ever be able to rewire my brain to find things like that funny when they happen to me, it's great that you don't take it as seriously as I would! :-)


Thanks, but unfortunately I have not had to rewire my brain to find things funny; since my fall I cannot get upset and it has taken me nearly four years (April 2009) to cry at anything at all.

After a lot of sessions with my neurorehabilitation team and my neurophsychologist (big words for a nice place with a decent coffee and a hug) I have had to learn to accept that in life it is OK to be amused by things and that these events can be seen as funny to others.

wait for my shopping trip story ......


Pixie I have typed a reply several times then deleted them, nothing seems appropiate to respond, but I shall leave it at I have had several pans sent to the tip for hubbys burnt offerings x He too laughs at himself x


so sorry about your potatoes-I forget stuff all the time

with my severe short term memory failure-fortunately for me

my loving wife usually reminds me.


one day not so long ago me cooking

any way me an daughter was sorting our selves out for t

so i said to her sausage an chips ,she says yea

so does chips gets sausage out

being a bloke i put sausage an chips in chip pan together

oh no no veg oil in pan

so goes to side in kitchen an gets fat that our lass had put in a pop bottle as was burnt

i did not have any more

any way the fat in the bottle had been removed and i had picked up blackcurrent juice

this is why it took 4 hours to fry/boil chips and sausage

the thing is i have no smell but my daughter has but never said anything very funny

as she ate the meal and so did i


oh boil rubarb in pan to remove burn


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