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Stages after minimally conscious state



I have posted several times about my brother being attacked and suffering a tbi , we recently took him to see his consultant to arrange an operation to remove a build up of fluid in his head after getting a metal plate fitted, I mentioned my brother being minimally conscious and the consultant said he is no longer in a minimally conscious state I asked the reason he said that and his reply was that my brother had scratched his nose spontaneously in front of him , he was looking at whoever was talking I.e consultant, the physio staff from the rehab centre he is in and also how he gave me a hug when I asked him, Im confused as he still does not walk, talk he is fed through a peg in his tummy, he does follow commands sometimes like squeezing our hands, he high fived my sister yesterday which was the first time he has done this, he spoke 8 month ago shouting Mam he also wrote his name , we recently moved him from a care home due to neglect he was just left in bed , the team at the new rehab centre have said he’s improving with regards to taking notice a lot more and is doeing well with his occupational therapy identifying objects etc, my question is has anyone experienced this sort of thing if he is not minimally conscious what is he ? The consultant said the time frame (14 month) is nothing due to the extent of his injury he even said I can’t believe what I’m seeing he should of died that day! Is this it ? I haven’t heard any one say they got any part of a loved one back after this sort of thing , even good visits are a kick in the guts I miss him so much

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There just aren't any rules in brain injury ; each one is unique as is every individual who suffers one. So long as there are signs of aptitude, however haphazard, there's hope of further progress. And if the consultant has hopes for more, then anything's possible.

I know it's disheartening as time drags on, but it makes sense that a serious brain trauma needs far longer to heal & rewire than a less complex one.

My cousin was in a deep coma for 6 months after a catastrophic head-on road crash, and minimally conscious for a further 4. No one held out hope for any real progress apart from her father ; he gave up his job to sit with her every day, playing music and talking to her 'til one day she started humming to one of her favourite tracks, and the breakthrough came.

Hang in there Lea. Keep your expectations low and any further progress will be a bonus. I'm sure your presence and love is very reassuring for your brother and I hope that he'll surprise you in the not-too-distant future.

Love & hugs, Cat x

Leab2017 in reply to cat3

Thank you so much for taking time to reply , it’s just so draining x

frustrating as it is, its not like the films, it takes time and patience.

its been 61/2 years since my abi, my wife has learned to be strong and confident, something ive lost since my abi, a complete role reversal.

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I’m so so sorry to hear that , life’s so unfair . Thank you for replying, wishing you all the best

I'm only guessing but I suspect Minimally Conscious state is a measurement on the Glasgow scale, which is used to define how serious it is, when someone in a coma is admitted.

I know mine was level 2 but I've never bothered to look up what that actually means.

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My brother was coma scale 2 when the accident happened I believe u climb as u become more concious

This sparked my curiosity so I've had a look and lower the score and higher chance of death.

Different opinions on numbers but for level 3 50% die.

So your brother and I were lucky, I know my consultant did say "miracle" at one point.

Not sure if any of this is relevant to your question though.

The other thing is timing as in the 80's they didn't bother with "Aggressive intervention" as recovery was seen as improbable or even impossible for level 2's.

i spoke to my wife about this, you learn to be strong. it was hard for her at first, same as it will be for you. if you re unlucky, youll ask the question.....whose this? i want my brother.

im not the same person i was before my bi, the hardest part for me and any survivor is accepting the new you.

anyway thats all in the future, record his favourite music and play it to him, remind him of happy family holidays youve all been on.

we are here anytime you want to chat, or just let off steam!!!


Leab2017 in reply to steve55

Thank you so much it’s took me 14 month to eventually accept I’ve lost the brother I once had which is probably why I’m still so heartbroken, hearing success stories helps so much I wish u both all the best

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