Minimally conscious state

Hi, I'm new to this site, does anyone have any experience with minimally conscious state. My husband suffered a TBI on 23/12/15 & has just undergone a SMART assessment. This has diagnosed he is in MCS. He is aware of us, moves his arms & legs , tracks us when we move around his room, cries when we tell him personal things & does the occasional movement to voice command. We are also sure he us trying to speak as he groans quite a lot. Has anyone been in / experienced MCS & how long did it take to emerge ? Thanks, I'm worried sick as this is not the result we were expecting.

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  • Something I came across yesterday when looking for something else discusses mCS after being asked a question about Michael Schumacher.

    All I can say is never say never.

    Lots of love n hugs to you and all the family


  • Many thanks I'll have a look X

  • I meant to say to ring the Headway helpline as well. All the details are in a pinned post on the side of this page.

    Love n hugs


  • Thank you xx

  • Hi Paula,

    Yes call the Headway helpline they are very good. Nick Xx

  • Thanks Nick I'll give them a call to tomorrow xx

  • My partner is in a MCS, he was vegetative for 9 months and has been MCS for 4. Every time I see him I get him to do something new. This last month he has started answering questions by nodding/shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders. Last week I asked him if I was okay if I left for an hour and he shook his head and frowned - first emotional response. What I'm trying to say is you will only ever get as much out as you put in, and that everyone is different, and this is our story as an example. I wish you and your husband the best xxx

  • Thank you for sharing you're experience X I will try introducing new tasks from tomorrow. We've had a problem with him being on the wrong type of feed, but since this was rectified 2 weeks ago we have seen slightly more movement in his right side whereas before everything was on his left. We know we have a long journey ahead but each small step is a step forward. Best wishes to you & your partner & thank you xxx

  • I am really pleased to hear that there is progress albeit slow. Hold on in there. It started therefore it will carry on. My daughter has been in a vegetative state for 2 years and I am still waiting for that little change. It is very slow and heart breaking..........

  • Hi Paula

    Just found a site called if you go to the tab people's experiences and search for minimal conscious state you will be able to find out more.

    Please remember we are here any time you want to get things off your chest or need some virtual hugs.

    Love n hugs


  • Thanks a lot X it's comforting to be able to talk to people with similar experience xx

  • My ex-husband was in MCS after a Subarachnoid haemorrhage in 2012. As his second wife was next of kin, neither our son or daughter or his own mother were allowed input into his care. They visited regularly and tried to stimulate him with photos, music, banter and memories, to which he responded enthusiastically.

    We all believed Geoff's condition would be improved by the ability to speak, and on the occasions when I visited him in the care home I tried encouraging him to mouth words or just sounds. My son and daughter approached his consultant to request more speech and physio therapy but were told it was now the responsibility of his GP.

    They had meetings with his GP but his wife constantly blocked them saying their dad was quite happy 'In his own little world', and she was the one with power over such decisions.

    The consultant at Salford Royal, where Geoff's brain surgery was performed, had planned for him to transfer to Walton hospital, renowned for its rehabilitation successes, but that was also blocked by his wife. So he was taken to a care home close to his home where it was more convenient for her to visit.

    Sadly he died last year from pneumonia as a result of a feeding tube injury.

    Please Paula push for all the therapy you can get for your husband. We all believe that if Geoff hadn't been denied the speech & physio therapy he so deserved the outcome might have been so much more positive. There are some wonderful stories of recovery from brain injury.................all as a result of proper rehabilitation.

    Don't give up hope m'dear ; phone Headway on Monday on 0808 800 2244 for more information. Sincere best wishes, from Cat x

  • Hi Cat

    That is so sad to read & must of been so hard for you & your family knowing things could of improved but weren't allowed to happen. Disgusting ! We are lucky that he is currently in Walkergate Park neuro rehabilitation centre and just finished a SMART assessment. However, he has to be transferred to a nursing neuro centre until he emerges & one option is Headway approved. Thankfully Walkergate liase with the nursing neuro centre and will still monitor him every 3-4 months and he can be re-referred for more intense rehab once he fully emerges. But I will make sure he gets the therapy he needs whilst in the care centre . Thank you so much for responding to my post & wishing you the very best xx

  • Hi Paula Have you an update on how your husband is now? My husband is 5 months into the same journey and there is little information on how people progress . I hope things are better for you both now.

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