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Russ is FULLY conscious. Miracles happen!

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Russ has passed through induced coma, vegetative, minimally conscious and is fully conscious! He has some memory gaps and he even recognizes this, he is physically weak but improving daily. He is eating (a ton) with assistance due to hand tremors, he watches tv, talks on the phone, tells me he loves me, asks every day about coming home, he can get himself into sitting position. It has been a strugggle, an emotional roller coaster. 6 wks ago i was asked to basically let him go and now i can see him coming home one day. I Cant explain but amazing things have crossed paths with me this last 3 1/2 months. There's a long road ahead but we can get there. Anyone who reads our story please know there is GREAT power is prayer, love, patience.


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That’s great news and shows doctors can sometimes be wrong and shows people in your situation need to be sure in their own head that nothing can improve before letting people go.

Wanting to come home is probably one of best things you could wish for. It shows he remembers at least some of his life before this and that he will do anything he can to help himself get better. When I was in hospital I couldn’t wait to get back to normal. I needed physio to get back walking. I kept asking when I’d start physio and had it every chance I got. I was one of lucky ones who didn’t need it for long, but doctors said me putting effort in to get better helped a lot. Obviously it does depend on more than people wanting to help themselves but it does definitely help.

Memory problems especially what he knows he has are nothing at all to be bothered over just about everyone has them to some extent. Just be aware of them and find ways to help even if it means leaving reminder notes or putting things on his phone.

Thats amazing Angelia, but keep your feet on the ground, still a long way to go. Home is so so different from all the amazing support you get in hospital.

But its onwards and upwards now.

So pleased for you

Janet x

That's such wonderful news Angelia ! And for those with loved ones in a similar situation it'll give a massive boost to their hope. I'm really, really happy for you both...……………

Love & all best wishes for continuing progress, Cat x

Love and prayers and big hugs 🤗 xxLove Liz xx

That's amazing I'm very happy for you guys

Hello Angelia. It is really great news. How long was Russ in vegetative state before going into minimally conscious and then how long was it before coming out of MCS.

My daughter was in induced coma and is now in vegetative state. I keep hoping that she will come out of that as I know she can hear me now. She opens her eyes when I talk to her. Is it a kind of improvement ? I know that everybody is different but it's good to hear from someone who went through the same thing as my daughter.

Just know these are my opinions as Russ doctors have no answers. I feel he was vegetative for 2 wks. His docs say 4-6. Opening their eyes to your voice/their name i feel is definately a 1st step! Russ was smiling when appropriate, frowning when appropriate etc. Research the levels of consciousness. I wont say dont listen to your daughters docs but i WILL say listen to your daughter! If you see communication/response work with it. Look up stimulation ideas for her senses. Hit them all. Russ wasnt "squeezing our hands" for a long time but i started getting slight nods, he'd track me with his eyes even though for long time eye contact was poor. Docs are amazing but they dont sit bedside for countless hours and they dont have x number of years knowing the person. Those 2 things i feel are our tools. Keep a notebook with dates, nurse names, updates and changes and log ANY improvements or even set backs. Know her meds and side effects. Research her injury. Research kept me focused and feeling like i was fighting when Russ couldnt. Trust me its hard, still is. I thought i was being stupid "seeing" a smile or him gesturing in some way but if I'd quit....who knows.

I will definately pray for your girl, keep me updated. Look for her to reach you.


also research "how long does it take to wake from a coma". There are some great articles. Patience, posivity, persistence. Everybody is different.

So happy for you...I wish the same would happen for my dad 😢

I know what you’ve been through and it’s exhausting. I hope he continues to improve x

That’s Fantastic news so pleased he’s back with you! my brother suffered a traumatic brain injury 14 month ago and is still classed as minimally conscious I miss him terribly I wish he would wake up properly ,

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I will pray for him and i hope you get to see him improve. I do feel very blessed and feel our story is meant to show people miracles happen.

That is amazing x

Amazing- no doubt he will continue to improve- brain injuries just take time and the waiting is the hardestxx

Very true. As hard as it is for me, He says every day "i just want my life back".

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