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4 month after cardiac arrest and BI


Hi all of you

My brother Had cardiac arrest folllowed with coma and Brain Injury. He is now ar the rehabilitation centre.

Already walking a little, sitting, can read a bit, not really talking, only few words on different languages.

He is not responding to therapy as we would like. Not eating enough, not drinking, no wishes ... just stearingt to whatever, recognizing people but after 5 minutes for him is enough. Shedow of MAN he was. Sometimes Like a baby. He is 42 yrs old. Does not know what is year, thinks it is 2011 and he is 28 yrs old. Does not know where he is and why. Sometimes he asks why but forgets after 2 minutes.

Drs told us that he is not material for rehabilitaion. That his concesness is not on level where he would try. That anoxia is cruel one since it does not leave andy healthy cells. And basicaly that he has two more month and after the state is considered permanent with no more recovery. That he will not be able to live withouth 24/7 care. We were thinking he was doing so well since a month ago he could not even sit and now he walks and this words were like cold shower.

What do you think about this? Is recovery 6 month post Injury posible or?

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4 months is nothing in bi terms. I am sure you will get many replies from survivors on here who have been in similar situations. keep talking to him, play him favourite music, show him photos etc. He has done well this far, keep it up.

anonymous38 in reply to Hidden

Dr said that traumatic Brain Injury has 3 Years time for recovery but anoxia only 6 month ... this was really Cold shower

Some Dr.s are full of doom gloom. And have thier own agendas!

They also score low ( assessments) so nhs doesn’t have to provide rehabilitation services. It’s to do with funding. Each end of year they file spending so December- March they make drastic cutbacks on who gets what to balance the books . Have a look at mortality in January -march for each hospital. Unfortunately to some hospitals coma patients are not worth the money for transplants or rehabilitation or worse keeping alive!

Hi there m'dear. It might be a bit premature to be writing off further progress after only 4 months. Where brain injury is concerned, not even the doctors can be certain of a prognosis so early on, especially considering the progress your brother's already achieved.

I wonder whether your brother has been assessed by a consultant neurologist of just a general practice doctor ? And has anyone considered anti-depressant medication (now shown to be beneficial after brain injury, especially where rehab has stalled).

For someone with your brother's abilities, showing obvious signs of advancement, there's always hope, particularly in light of his relative youth. Keep him stimulated with simple activities and plenty of encouragement & praise. But if he's unmotivated, I suggest you explore the medication (SSRi) option to boost his incentive.

All best wishes, Cat x

Hi, I agree with everyone else. Four months is nothing, he’s made huge progress, keep on trying different types of brief stimulation. Music, back massage, essential oils applied on the back of his skull or on his feet (Cedarwood or Sandalwood) which stimulate oxygenation, also Omega 3s high in DHA (not just any) and Vitamin D. He’s likely deficient in Vit B12 and D (both linked with symptoms of depression) and Magnesium, ask the doctors for a blood test to check deficiencies. Try a SAD light which also helps specially in these darker months. Is he allowed trips in the car or bus? If so take him out for short rides/strolls.

These things are all research-based, really important and do work!! Best of luck, and take it a step at a time.

So sorry to hear . I hear that it can take months and years for some level of accepted normality. Just hang on in there as Dr don’t always have the answer and the brain needs healing time.

I pray for his recovery .

Yes we all know that we need to know the worse outcome. We also need hope.

Few doctors will admit to knowing the outcome after a bi. So why do they constantly write off bi patients.

I can understand the short recovery after a bleed if it is full recovery. Once in the realms of bi you are normally talking 2 to 3 years before you plateau in recovery. After this there is still the recovery due to adapting.

Keep fighting and pushing for treatment. Additionally contact Headway to make contact with your local group to see what help they can offer.


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