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4,5 month after hypoxic Brain Injury help needed

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Hi all of you

As i already wrote my brother (42) Had cardiac arrest on july 25. He was in coma 19 days. Minimala concesness after. Niw better but not even close to ok. After 3 month on ICU he went to rehabilitation centre. Started to walk little, but no progres on ocupantional therapy and his speach is even worse. All of Hospital GET certain bacteria and went to isolaton ... no visitors, my brother in room alone, tied to the bed and sedated. Every time we came he cries. So we took him home on last friday and organized therapies at home. He can walk some, 200 metars, 20 stairs up and down. Talka no. No interes in anything. Just stairing to some imaginary spot. But what worries us most is that he does not Eat or drink anything. Nothing. We have fights on every bite he eats. Beging, explaining, blackmailimg, yelling...whatever we tries has no result. He has Food in his mouth and eventualy he spits is all around.

Where is my brother? Why he does not understand that Food is important? What can we do?

He lost 30 kg in 4,5 months

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Has his ability to swallow been tested?

Have you tried protein shakes. It can be frustrating if he cant swallow for him. I do protein mass weight powder 6 scoops 1500 cal combine with fruit, peanut butter and other few things will add his calories for the entire day and help him put on some weight. I know its tough, I have to constantly get his calories in since he cant swallow well

My husband has cardiac arrest almost 2years ago resulting in hypoxic brain injury.He was in a coma 3weeks then moved to respiratory ward for 3weeks when he woke.While there he had a tracheostomy and peg feed.Didn't show any progress until moved to rehab.(had just been flailing arms and legs about).Once tracheostomy removed he made good progress.Has he seen a dietician or speech therapist?My hubby was very fatigued when he eventually came home but was eating and drinking.Protein shakes might help but think you probably need medical intervention if not eating or drinking.Good luck.x

speech therapist are coming daily, he understands a words, he can say some, but not much. few weeks ago he spoke more, and also on foreign languages. now he does not speak at all. his motivation for anything is so so low. my mother says he is killing himself slowly, but i am not so sure his level of conciseness is that high, to me he looks like someone with IQ 30.

so so sad, and we are all so down. the only question we have is did he eat and how much he eat and so on...

Given what you're describing I'm shocked the hospital believed that you'd be able to cope.

The suggestion of a liquid replacement meal may help if the cause is physical but it could well be purely cognitive that's why I feel specialised input regarding not eating is essential.

What advice and explanation have you had from the Neuropsychologist.

i leave in country where holistic approach does not really exist. He was checked by neurologist once - he was still in coma, GCS 4. since than nothing. no neurologist. he is treated as cardio patient with some other problems.

I wouldn't trust a Neurologist to know anything about cognitive symptoms, from my experience they're the mechanic not the driver.

A Neuropsychologist is a different discipline, I wouldn't let a psychologist operate on my brain.

Sick. I feel sick.

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