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I got bush flower cup development going on

Hi All,

Last week as you know I moved my bush to a bigger pot and gave it new soil as I hadnt seen any development in a few days/weeks, well now I have and I am sooo excited (despite being ill with a throat infection) So what is going on is the flower cups or petal fall (never knew what those things were called so I learnt something new along with completing my Dell Tech Direct course material so I can start taking apart bcc laptops for repair) as shown here: i.pinimg.com/originals/52/7...

The next stage is the berries YAAAAAAY Im keeping everything crossed as I never thought it would bear fruit and leaves are also starting to fall off but new ones are growing at the same time I am very observant so I know every leaf, stem, flower of this plant and this is the most excited Ive been since my hoilday to Dawlish so clearly im doing something right all my stokes and nattering to it must helping (yes I stoke the stems and branches and tell it how much its loved and if its okay and happy ect )

and Im hoping my flowers (in the small black pots) will show signs of life in a week or so

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Alan Titchmarsh eat your heart out.

Next an applease tree....Or maybe not.

Apples are the only thing that seems to survive in our garden

I even managed to kill the decking.



I was checking it leaves and saw white air bourne fungus so I tried to wipe it all off with a damp cloth and in doing so found a tine spider had decided to start living there so took it off the plant and put it on the wall and a evil aphid which I killed


Well done - it's looking great. The warm weather that's forecast for the next week will probably help it to become established. :)

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Thanks :-) I don't think I will get many blueberries as there are only a few clusters but atleast I get some and hopefully next year when its in a bigger pot, there will be more, I am also not watering it every day as when I was in Dawlish and it didn't get any water that's what spared the growth on (like a survival technique) so im watering it every 3/4 days which it is happier with


OMG Bex, congrats - At last it seems like everyone who knows you will be able to celebrate by eating the fruits of your labour. (are you going to make blueberry jam, pie or put this crop to grow for next year?) - one of the hardest lessons of farming is that you will have to kill part of your beloved plant, to make either a viable crop for next year - either that or make an orchard (can you make a blueberry orchard?). The only thing that survives in our gardens are ants, slugs and snails and they only survive by eating everything I try to grow - to be honest, not many people will be able to convince me that these gastropod life forms have any use, as for ants - all they do is build mounds in my lawn and bite me when I am in my hammock - I found out why ant bites and wasp stings are similar (but wasps hurt more) - because they are cousins (Apoidea Hymenoptera)

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There you go - another 'slight tangent' - anyway, well done on your impending crop of berries. Remember us all at the BIC!

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I have a fear of wasps as I was stuck by one when I was young, I don't know how many blueberries it will produce and I even have all the office wanting to taste test but I want first dibs if I can break myself to use the blueberries that I have grow (seems a long wait to make something so small and quickly used) so I debating about possible freezing them but we will see how many blueberries the plant gives me.

Blueberry farms not Blueberry orchards as orchards are trees (http://www.blueberrypicking.co.uk/)

I have told Danny, Emma and Ruby about your possible office change and that you may not be able to make it and Davids response puzzled me

David Thank you and we'll done Bruce great to think we're all on the way up

David One up for the Cafe

Bexx I'm confused he might not be able to come how will that be good ...

David I'm wrong again

David You come Be xx I'm always wrong see you Wendy week

Danny was more positive though:

Danny Thanks Bexx. That’s all a bit vague for Bruce though!

and I dont think I have to kill it, I think I have prune it when it goes dormant in the winter which is fine

and I checked it this morning and it looks slightly happier about the tlc I gave it yesterday evening and the removal of its 2 inhibitors

I may venture into getting another plant like raspberry, blackberry or strawberry and I inspired my zumba teacher to get a blueberry bush as she has a greenhouse and is growing tomoates and stuff

How was your training course?

I just took the dell tech direct exam, the pass mark is 80% and on my first attempt I got 60% thankfully it has unlimited tries and I think I gave it a good shot for my 1st attempted all things considered


I brought a strawberry and tomato plants and a green house my bush is being attacked by aphids as next door have them so I'm going to have to get settled ladybird larva and my flowers are starting to shoot :-)


Nice one - I saw Gardeners World the other day (quite by accident as it is not usually a programme of choice) but I saw a thing about sweet fruits being a magnet for aphids & ladybirds being a lot nicer than chemical warfare (if next door have aphids it may be worthwhile pointing out that you are introducing ladybirds as most aphid killers also kill ladybirds too the last thing you want is a slaughter of the innocents - a little dramatic, but there you go)


she has brought ladybirds but they haven't been attacked that much (my plant that is) im guessing it because I have a massive garden spider next to my plants and loads of little spiders on my plants

its lost a good majority of its leaves some of the cups have fallen off but the ones that have survived are progressing and I got a black current bush as well


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