I am going to try to be a teacher!

This is not really relevant to my TBI, but I thought I'd share, anyway.

I am currently a university lecturer, in geology. I had to take 18 months off work, back in 2005/6, when I had my accident, but I was lucky enough to be able to go back. However, my department is now being closed down. I have applied for Voluntary Severance, because I don't want to have to see out the last few years - the students who are in their first year still have to do their 2nd and 3rd years. I am not certain that they will give it to me - we were 'invited' to apply for it, but they could still say 'No!'.

Anyway, I have applied to go back to university, as a student, to retrain as a geography teacher. One of my three choices has offered me an interview, in two weeks, but in fact I will go there beforehand, anyway, next week, for a day of 'School Experience' - where you get to sit in a classroom, and see the teachers teach their classes. I have already done one day of that, and I have arranged lots more - universities think you should do lots of this 'observation'.

I am sort-of excited, but also sort-of nervous. On my application, I have said that I am proud of myself, for dealing with my TBI the way I have, which I think the schools and universities will like. However, they won't like the fact that I am 'blind'. I have the right side of my visual field missing. If I look to the right, I can see everything there, but when I look straight forwards, the right is not there. I suppose that the kids might think they can muck about to my right, and stuff.

Anyway, i feel kind-of brave, kind-of excited, and kind-of nervous.


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  • Go you! Impressive stuff, you'll no doubt be wonderful.

    Good luck, not that you'll need it :)

  • What a courageous, determined lady ! What's that saying ? 'When life throws you lemons .................make lemonade.

    I hope everything goes your way Flumpy ; you are so deserving.

    Keep us updated on developments. Best wishes, Cat x

  • Wow Flump!

    Good on you! excited for you! Sending loads of good karma your way. i hope that you will let us know how things go!

    All the best TN x

  • Hey flump

    Good on you for going back to uni. My left visual field was missing for many years and I managed to teach students with relatively few issues. I know kids would be different. My current job again involves lots of i service staff teaching and I have about 25% of my sight remaining....it's hard going but easier if you take measures to minimalise the eye strain....as for the kids mucking around on your right side....even though you have low vision on the right side....you probobly have more acute hearing and reasonably well developed 6th sense enough to know they're being naughty....I'm sure you'll be fine

  • Go girl...you've overcome lots since the accident and I'm sure you'll overcome much more and be "Miss Flump" before you know it 😂

    Sending loads of good wishes 👌

  • Go for it , if it does not work out you will still be you ,nothing to lose everything to gain

    lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Hope it goes well for you

    Talk about going into the Lions den :-)

  • good luck and well done for making the decision. Don't worry about your sight, your determination, knowledge and experience will make you a good teacher. It's not your visual field that makes kids pay attention.

  • Hi,

    I'm an - ex secondary school teacher from Australia. Its really excellent that you want to teach. I stopped teaching when I lost the ability to multi task and encountered some word finding problems. (TBI)

    But please, just to be sure - spend more than just one day observing what go's on in a class before you set yourself firmly on that path. At least a couple of weeks to a month would give you a broader insight as to whether its for you. I'm not saying this in light of you having a TBI with partial blindness. This is advice I'd give to anybody !

    Having said this. Good Luck with your teaching career !

  • Well done Flump and good luck with interview! Once you have a class full of kids just don't mention the vision bit to them. My teachers frequently scanned the class to see who was making noises they shouldn't be and no it wasn't always me . You'll be great at it!

  • Good luck with that. Your experience as a lecturer will be very very hand if you get A-Level students! You might not have the pressure on you to publish publish publish in a school either. Hopefully there is a work around for the vision part. Geography is a challenging subject. Such a mix of science and the humanities.

  • Go for it, enjoy and be successful!

    I once taught Wood and Metal Work ..... still in recovery at the time :)

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