Yey!! I got my licence back

DVLA reissued my licence, I didn't feel as excited as I thought I would. In fact I didn't know what to do, just stared at it lol.

So, I contacted Cornwall mobility for some guidance and they suggested I have an assessment to ease my nerves and help give me confidence to start driving lessons again.

I'm still not sure about getting back on my moped as I feel I am even more vulnerable than I was before the accident. I came off it a few times and always hit my head, hitting my head again is not an option. I do miss my little blue bike though.

But getting my licence back is another step towards getting life back to as normal as possible xx

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Great Jenna........................and whether you use it or not, it's another barrier removed from the road back to 'normality'. :-/

Take care xx


Thank you Cat, xx


this, it's about getting some more independence back, I live london ish on the whole driving isn't a big issue but I was happy when I got my license back


Hi Jenna.

Great news.

Don't know if you have heard of it but there is a thing a bit like an air bag that you can wear like a collar and stops the head making contact with the ground. I tink I saw it on the gadget show a year or two ago.

Whatever you decide it is definitely a milestone event.


Love n hugs



Oooh I haven't heard of that, I will google it and see if I can find one. Thanks for the suggestion. Hug back xx


yes random, I saw those. Trub is the sudden deceleration (g forces?) will still slop brain around and cause damage. I'm desperate for a little m'bike, had them all my adult life and SO practical for parking and coz hurts to walk. Think I'd take the risk (had one BAD bike yuk sinceABI) coz built up decades of defensive riding = that helps a bit.

And I knock my head often on furniture, fixtures, low beams etc. = I just don't SEE things above/below where I'm looking/concentrating on seeing/understanding.

Friend's baby twins at floor level (and bags, dogs...) I don't see and walk on them, trip over them = SO awful for them and embarrassing for me. With the twins I wanted the earth to swallow me up, I was mortified but parents/others very kind about it.


Hey lucky you! Well done.

I have just had my second 'still making enquiries' letter through. Though to be fair I did reapply before they found the aneurysm so that may have confused the picture a bit for them😲.

hope you get back behind the wheel/handlebars soon


That's great, Jenna,

Even if you don't feel confident right now, it is there as an option.

I never learned to drive so I never had to miss it being taken away ! I'm secretly rather glad as I have a problem with peripheral traffic and perceive passing cars as on top of me - makes me a jumpy passenger !

Hope your assessment goes well, Angela x


That is fantastic news........maybe try a car?

Hope you get your confidence back again xxx


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