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Happy New Year - I have got a job!


As the title says - Happy New Year, folks. I have found a job!

A reminder of my history - I received a TBI in 2005, when I fell off my bicycle. I was off work for 18 months, but I did get to go back to my job as a university lecturer. However, they are now closing the department down, so I have been 'redundant' since July. I have had quite a few interviews, but unsuccessful, This one was successful! :-)

Damn, my laptop key oard s now playng p. Oh well.

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Well done,New Year, new job, how exciting hope it goes well for you xxxx


Amazing well done !

Well done Flumpy ! You're so determined ; I think we all knew you'd get there eventually.

Great news m'dear.......................

Tell us more when your laptop allows. 😃 Cat x

Some amazing stories here.

I suffered an acute subdural hematomia back in 2005 as a result of an attack.

Due the the size of the bleed I suffered a stroke to my optical cortex which has left me partially blind. I get tired easily can be forgettable and suffer from anxiety.

I was comatosed for 3 weeks hospitalised for 3 months. I lost my job, degree and driving license.

Oh dear, Jax.

How did you lose your degree?

Hi Flumptious, My degree was funded via my employer and as I lost much of my sight( homonyous hemianopia) I was medically discharged. Glad to hear you found employment again!

Ooh, I'd never heard it called 'homonyous hemianopia', but I have got that, too. It is on my right side. I find it very odd to be offically called 'blind'. I certainly can't drive, but I can see OK for most things.

I assume you hadn't completed your degree, at the time of the attack.

Part way through the BSc course which is a bum.

Wow u have lost your right side and I lost my left, assuming your damage is on your right hemisphere?

If u stood on my left side Collectively we would have full vision lol.

People never realise I’m partially sighted once I tell them they say can’t u just wear glasses?! If only

Sorry I meant left hemisphere!!!

Yeah, we could just walk around together, side by side. :-)

To be honest, I am not sure where my damage is. I have had trouble on my right side - when I was still in hospital, they had me wear a splint at night, for my right ankle, as I think it wasn't at the normal angle. My right hand doesn't work that well, which is a bit of a pain as I am right-handed, so my hand-writing is pretty poor, now.

Very scary as I also had right sided paralysis which resolved after a couple of months.

I weight trained before injury so was very strong then couldn’t even hold a cup. As soon as I was out of rehab I was back in the gym 5 days a week go 20 mins a time. I feel very lucky to have regained physically.

Keep doing light exercises such as get a stress ball and on an evening roll through your hand and after a couple of months u may find an improvement.

I had my accident in July 2005 (in France!). I was in hospital for 8 months (although they eased me out slowly - I stayed at home for two nights over Christmas, and then I had more and more nights at home, each week). In December, my husband booked pantomime tickets, for both of us, and our three year old daughter. He had arranged to use a wheelchair from the rehab. unit. To get from the hospital to the theatre, you need to go through a walkway under the train station. I got out of the chair for that, because of the steps at either end, and I proudly said that I didn't need to sit back down. "Pam, you *have* to sit in the wheelchair: we have disabled tickets, so we got a discount for our special seats!"

Very similar to my recovery regarding going home for few nights etc. Must have been wired in a foreign country? Even though it’s weird just waking up here in a rehabilitation unit. Your husband sounds like a rock. My injury too was in ‘05. I still daily think about life before but I suppose that’s life. It’s all here to test us

Well, the French doctor told my husband that I was brain-dead! Luckily, we'd been on holiday with his parents, and they took our daughters home. Rob and I flew home in a Lear Jet. Thank you, Churchill Travel Insurance! I use them every time we go away, now.

I was still in a coma, on the flight. Back here, they did an MRI scan, I think, and said no, I wasn't brain-dead. I don't have any memories until that Christmas. My memory is missing from quite a while before the accident, too: Why was the nurse taking me to this house? We live in a flat, in a different town. Why does Rob keep bringing this little baby along, when he brings our daughter? She is very cute. Who is her mother? What do you mean, me?

She is now a teenager, and I love her to pieces, but I still don't remember that pregnancy, or us moving house before she was born, so that we would have another bedroom. She was eight and a half months old, when I had the accident.

Wow they say everything happens for a reason. I since have had 2 beautiful boys they are my reason. Life can be so cruel but so amazing. Do your children help u a lot?

Mine have no idea of my past and little do that know how much they help. They keep me smiling even though my hard times

Well, they help me, sometimes. But, they are teenagers now, so they give me a lot of hassle, too! Lizzie has her GCSEs this year, poor thing.

GCSE’s that takes me back she’ll walk it

I took O levels. Plus one '16+' (in French), where you took one exam, and they gave you either an O level or a CSE, depending on how you did. I got an O level A :-) But now they are 9, 8, ,7, ... My kids appear to understand, but I don't!

I took GCSE. Got As &Bs + A levels two Bs. Can only hope kids follow but in reality as long as their happy I’ll be happy.

If u don’t mind me asking how old r u? U don’t look any older than me!

Lots of things my kids understand which I don’t which I smile at.

If u didn’t smile you’d be constantly depressed.

Lucky I still remember much of my schooling so I’m still able to teach them a thing or two.

Patients I really struggle with at times I just say I’m off to the loo where I chill for a moment then go back.( the meltdown situation) my wife lacks any knowledgement if these situations and simply says just get on with it which can be frustrating.

I am 48. That photo probably dates back to 2008-ish, and was taken at work, as my 'official' photo. All of those that I had before were horrible, but it was nice, that year!


Well done, hope it all goes well for you

ha ha ha, thats one way to keep it short and sweet, yes it has been a long time since weve heard from you.

happy new year to you too flumptous health wealth and had happiness for 2018

Congratulations!!!!!!!! X

Well done flumptios. Great news. Kx


Great start to 2018! Well done Flump!

It's all about steps liitle ones and big ones, all are important for our journey in 2018. Getting a job after BI is a major steps. Congratulations and we'll done to you flumptious

Thanks, Daylight. I was actually working for years, in my old job (I needed 18 months off sick, after the accidents), but trying to find a new one has been horrible. I am so glad the search is over. I just need to impress them, so I keep it, after the 'introductory' period.

Good luck xx

Great stuff! You where very worried?

Good on you Flumps.

I always believe that perseverance pays!!

You're a shining example to all.

If you don't mind me asking... is it a lecturing job?

Thanks, Claire.

No, it is not in a university, it is just doing admin. I decided that no other university would look at me, as I can't really do geological fieldwork, with my bad balance and my 'blind'-ness, plus I haven't done any research for years. So, it is a completely new field for me. Eek!

Many congratulations to you for your success and perseverance. Well done and good luck.

Well done! Finding a job in this hostile environment is a Great achievement.

I hope I can be joining you in the world of work again soon!

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