Second childhood: errors trial and experiments

Anyone else got this weird thing of being like a child in an adult's body?

All I want to do is play with things. It's a really good job that the area of the Falkirk wheel is like an adventure playground for all ages and inquisitive minds. I had a wonderful time there and was by no means the only adult to play with the Archimedes screw (only because it has a sort of zimmer frame built around it.)

When I can't do something I question it........this is much easier now knowing what is wrong. Questions like how many parts are there to it? Where am I having the problem?

Then come the experiments trying to find a way to achieve whatever the thing is.

I may be blowing my own trumpet here but I am proud of what I have been able to achieve and I am mostly having fun exploring my world this way.

Yes I fall flat as often as not but when I find a way to do something its worth it.

Having a near miss is often a trigger for this exploring.

Love n hugs to everyone


PS I think I forgot to update on the typoscope but it is brilliant. I am half way through my second paperback, am able to read the I newspaper in about 2 days instead of the week it took before AND I can read more here and hopefully participate more.

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  • Hi Randomphantoms

    I was interested to read your post. My husband, who is 60, and had a massive SAH and a stroke in October 2012, has also found a great interest in kids toys, magic tricks, painting by numbers etc. etc. He always makes for the toy sections of shops, loves glove puppets etc. We have grandchildren, and part of me thinks, well he likes entertaining the kids, but there is definitely an element of him just liking these things!!

    He gets on far better with our 12 year old grandson than most adults, and is happy talking to him and sniggering at secret stuff that I am not allowed to hear about.

    I assume its the part of the brain that has been damaged, that returns in a way to being childlike. Anyone else found this?

    I am sure it isn't a problem, but can be a little embarrassing at times!!

    All the best, Molly

  • Hi Molly

    First can I apologise for all of us who are like this for the embarrassment those around us feel at times(like people trying to drag me for photos at a wedding when I was happily playing brrom broom and whirlybirds with a group of under 5's).

    It has been said before but in many ways we are like children and my personal opinion is that it depends on where and what type of damage we had.

    For me I think it is part comprehension. As we age our use of language gets more complex and right now I am fighting with commas, apostrophes etc to work out what they mean and how to use them. Key stage books aren't helping at all. I really have trouble trying to keep up with adult conversation.

    I also do a lot of talking out loud to no one when I am trying to work out what goes where.

    Look on the bright side there are a lot worse things that could be amusing your hubby. I am hoping it is a phase and I will grow out of it but I enjoy it as well and don't want to lose it.

    Love n hugs


  • Hi Random,

    I have always been filled with curiosity and wanted to know how things work.

    Always been in touch with my inner child : )

    Where as previously I would want to fiddle with something but think no, I'd best not, it will look strange in front of other people now I seem to have less inhibition that way.The latest one was in MacDonald's.They have new curious wooden slatted panels that partially cover the windows - at first I thought they were purely decorative but then noticed what looked like a possible sliding groove along the bottom.So off I went to check it out.Yes, they really do slide so they must act as a sunscreen !

    Partner looked on in amused,'can't take you anywhere' way !

    As you quite rightly say, this need to understand how things work can work in our favour when we are finding ways to adapt to our own problems . Great that you are finding the typoscope so helpful - happy reading ,exploring and adapting to this brave new world : )

    Angela x

  • hi Angela

    One of the things that started a sequence of experiments was a near miss with an open dishwasher.

    Resulting in a new strategy of making sure that the cutlery tray is the first thing to come out of the machine and lives far back on a worktop until ready to go in again.

    Another was seeing an advert with bubbles with ice inside. This was something I'd never seen and I didn't even know if it was possible. It is.

    Always enquiring and loving it.

    Love n hugs



  • Bubbles with ice in - my mind is blown ! Got to investigate this : ) x

  • Hi Angela. My mind was blown too. The first chance I had I bought bubbles and waited for frosty/icy weather.

    The only way I could get it to work was to make the bubbles by movement (like waving a flag) cos blowing them creates needle ice and bursts the bubble.

  • Angela you sound EXACTLY like me.. How funny!

    Hope you are doing ok

    Emma x

  • While we are confessing....I like Lego....and um kinects....

    I'm Danny and I'm a legoholic

  • Good for you Danny. Any chance of seeing some of your creations?


  • Lol I'll have a think (and maybe make something decent)...

  • Lego is coooool and the possibilities are endless !

    Things I need to be kept away from are doll's houses, farm sets and those brightly coloured beads on wavy/curly wires that they have in kiddie corner at docs surgeries etc ! Oh and all plush toys, shiny things and anything heart shaped ! Then there's fuzzy felt, magnetic shapes,kaleidoscopes,bubble blowers, water pistols ..........

    Still have my son's wooden train set - saving it for possible Grandchildren - honest ! : )) x

  • Cool idea coming up...

    Small glow stick things cut tops off and tip glow liquid into blow bubbles solution and wait until getting dark....

    Instant luminous bubbles floating in the air!!

    I saw someone do it so can't claim full credit.

  • Wow !!!!!!!

    where can I get glow sticks? I want/NEED luminous bubbles in my evenings.

    Thanks a million for a really cool idea.

  • Find a rave then you can get glow sticks and prob a whistle maybe an air horn even...

  • I work in a school and often feel the urge to 'do something naughty'

    Run down hallway (against rules)

    Have a food fight

    Peanut the behaviour manager

    Stick a kick me sign in headmasters back

    I think it's good to think kid sometimes keeps you young at heart x

  • Do it. I remember office dares....

    My favourites..

    Go into boss office turn the lights on and off repeals without saying anything then walk out.

    After a conversation with boss shoot them with pistol fingers wink and say I like your style.

  • This really made me laugh. I remember as a teen sitting in a quiet cafe run by dear old ladies and slurping my cuppa over the top loud!

  • I quite often splash about in the bath.. And give myself "smurf hair" using the bubbles... I also like splashing in puddles.. LOL!

  • Lol I do a Mohican and Father Christmas beard

  • I love puddles too and crunchy freshly fallen piles of leaves and sandcastles and slimy seaweed and mud pies.

    Being sensible I've made pretty things to stick on freezer drawers so that I know what's there.

    Am I imagining it or am I full of bright ideas today?

    Keep having fun

    Love n hugs


  • Every little step is a triumph. Remember that. You may have had different aims before your BI but now you need to celebrate every little thing you manage to do. Get through a chapter, dont freak out at the noise on a bus journey, make it through the school run (yuk) without punching someone. We need to pat ourselves on the back and slowly move on to the next challenge but never do more than we can.

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