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I have lost 7 inches and dropped a stone !!

All I did was stop eating processed foods. and drank almond milk or soya. They say your body can not process the additives and preservatives in the body so it stores it as fat.

I was always tired, sleeping badly at night too, waking 6 times a night, I felt exhausted all the time. Concentration was bad, memory was like I had Alzheimers.

I would get up, and an hour later would feel tired again and fall asleep. I slept half of my life until now!!! Im 55. I used to get anxious, and couldnt leave the house, all that has improved till i eat something not good for me. Back comes the old me,,, this is what keeps me on track, if I want chocolate and eat it, the old sleepy me comes back.

Concentration is back. Memory has considerably improved. Its about time someone started taking this seriously!!! My daughter and myself did a day of donuts and chocolate for mothers day. we both fell asleep and the next day we both felt like crap,,,, it is what were eating.

Before I had stomach cramps constantly wiping, and was sore, and at times followed through, how embarrassing. If I eat bread, my tummy would bloat, 1half inches. Now all that has settled.

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Coleslaw (sadly can't eat it since op, too much fibre) and STRESS affect my tum AND tiredness. Not eating chocolate or cake now and almost NO bread. Makes no difference to TIREDNESS, AT ALL. Overload, stress, being given problems I can't solve = OVERLOAD, brain on overdrive and won't stop searching for the solutions am told I MUST find (though NOT my job for THESE problems) = brain-burn = OVERTIRED. Simple.

Tired of being told what to do, think, say, how to behave.

Sorry, I'm sure you mean well but we each know what works for us. I've known for AGES what I need but aren't allowed it, I'm told. Fought so long and hard but never good enough, never enough. Best for ALL if we all can enjoy the basics we ALL need.

Wish I could fall asleep as easily, need to sleep afternoons but brain WON'T stop. Cried ,ost of today.

Calm down people say. Do bullet points they say. Write things down to aid memory they say = to refer to later. Ad infinitum. If I could I WOULD, tried, over and over = doesn't work for ME. But nobody BELIEVES me. Nothing works for me BECAUSE too much stuff to try do = NEED LESS and CALM/PEACE.


I felt like you, nothing had worked tried many things ie starving but just the scales would raise as I stood on them.

It sounds like maybe you need to speak to a counsellor and get this stuff out of your head. When your mind starts racing, tell it to stop,,, looking in the mirror, and say stop,,, everytime it does it,,, tell it to stop. Tell yourself im going to stay wake for ten mins...

I dont eat pasta, I dont eat bread, I dont drink milk. I dont have sugar,,,

nothing anything with processed foods. All eating clean. fresh fruit, fresh veg, not potatoes, but replacement of sweet potatoe.

pulses, and salads chicken shrimps, tuna, rices cakes. humous, celery is nice together. Eat naked bars, . f ruit, pears oranges, apples, dried bananas when I fancy something crunchy. raisins to nibble on.

No milk,,,,,, only unsweetened almond milk or soya milk, from morrisons own, or aldi.

I have lost 7 inches in 9wks and a stone in weight, I have more energy to go to the gym.

Now I sleep through the night, only waking once maybe, so now I have rested. if your mind is racing tell it to stop, go for a swim, or go to the gym.

You mind is playing games with you..

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all i know is that þe better i eat, the better i feel, so do make the effort.....most of the time.

not lost any weight tho -except maybe a teeny bit as can't go to shop occasionally to get naughty puddings...


if you fancy something sweet, I buy and I know I shouldnt, is those no sugar whips,,,, chocolate,,, use almond milk,,, yummy.

Or I get dried bananas if you eat them fast, they start tasting like chunky chips to me. Its the chemicals in the food that makes the food last longer that is doing the damage. Your body isnt supposed to process chemicals.

I dont count calories, or do smaller portions, I just eat clean,,, that is all.

The weight is just coming off.

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Hi coatpin,

You've put my dietry activities to shame!

Although I've lost a stone since christmas and a couple of inches off the drivers tum (without any special effort on my part I hasten to add) I still love the wrong things and can't resist the odd cheese burger, cake or chocolate but I do try and keep it all in moderation and make my own soups and meals from fresh vegies and meats with no addatives.

Long may your progress continue, well at least until you are at a healthy weight/size and don't go too far. I tell my wife I like the cuddly NOT the stick insect lol.

Keep well



you will see the inches fly off, before the weight, you are addicted to the sugar which will make you sluggish. Try one change a week. Honest I love those things too, but the results I want more!!! you feel so much better.

Try one thing at a time each week. Because you see the results it spurs you on, get your wife to measure you, each week. Same places, upper arms, top of leg hips and tummy. you will loose inches before you loose stones.

This is the first time I have lost on my arms. (a first!!)

eat for easter,,,chocolate then stop!!!

keep in touch how you go


Hi coatpin,

I took part in a 6 session health self management course and each fortnight we'd set a goal to achieve bt the next session (each 2 weeks apart) and one of those was to give up sugar in all hot drinks which I have done. I went 'cold turkey' going from two plus sugars in either tea or coffee to zero and now have no sugar in hot drinks at all!

I gave up milk in drinks many years ago as part of a plan to help ulcerative colitis. It didn't help but I never went back to milk in drinks.

I've also cut out sugar cereals and any added salt to food.

So have made some inroads in the right direction and am stil trying. I must be , my wife keeps telling me "You're very trying" ;-)

Will let you know how I progress.

Take care

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Well done, but I used almond milk, because I couldnt have done it that way, as it had a natural sweetness too it, but for calcium values its better than milk and does not have the fat content. So the mucus in my throat went down after drinking it.

So drink almond milk just for the calcium value,,, add coffee to it. your body will have a detox ,,,, lots of toilet paper needed,, but it settles down . Its also the additives that gives you that reaction too.

I remember my poor mum, had it running down her legs she was such a proud person, bless her, but when you get older well people seem to accept it as a old age condition. Its not!!!

Only now people question, why is our society getting fat,,, its the chemicals having a reaction in our bodies!!!! duuuuu take the chemicals out,!!!!

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Hi coatpin,

Well done for the weight loss.

You are spot on with what you say about weight gain, it is because of what we eat. If people want to lose weight, stop eating prosest foods, drop it like iis hot.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but soy milk is bad. Not necessarily bad for you but bad because it is Genetically Modified (GM) foods. GM foods are evil.

Stick to almond milk.

I have never had almond milk but wouldn't mind trying it out. I drink more coconut water now rather than tap water. I still have a little tap water but not as much now and most tap water has fluouride in it which can ive you cancer.

As for mentioning alzheimers, did you know that aerosols/deodorants contain alluminium which can give you breast cancer and you could end up with alzheimers.

All these foods and drinks that are '99% fat free' or 'low in fat' are usually the other way around.

Coca cola is bad cos it has tons of sugar in it and refined sugar (The white crystals you put in coffee) is the main culprit. It can lead to obesity, health problems and even death... And also feed tumours.

Diet coke is no better, instead of sugar it uses sweetners, which are vile, and the sweetner they use is called Aspartame which is a very dangerous chemical indeed.

I am more careful what I consume now and I shop on/at health food shops for groceries. I still might eat bad stuff every now and then but definitely not as much as I used to.

Oh in the mornings, for breakfast I do not eat Kellogg's cereal like I used to. Kellogg's cereal is GM foods, all of it. I have oatmeal. Porridge, but I prefer the American saying :). Sprinkle on some omega 3 (good for the brain). Add some raisins and add milk.

The milk is the only bad thing.

People drink milk for healthy teeth and bones but did you know there is more calcium in beans? Not only are they good for the heart :).



I like coconut milk and have given up alot of foods. As had a private intolerance test done. Alot of improvements were made and still things are getting better. Coconut water is good for the electrolytes but water is what our bodies truly need. I distill mine removing all the viruses.

Magnesium is vital for the body too. Goats milk is easier to digest than cows milk.

Many things is to do with what is eaten. I lose weight easily now after removing. I also see a herbalist.

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Well done, Im must admit Im not a great lover of water, when steaming hot i will. But prefer fizzy flavoured water. Aldi You get migraine if you dont drink a lot, or lack energy.

Yep I have lost a stone now, so onto the next, things are starting not to feel tight.

Well done.


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