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Manchester attack

all the families and children lost .well my heart bleeds with tears for all of them .and all who witnessed this attack and all the people of Manchester . if I was able to travel id go to ,Manchester to try and help .but I no the people of Manchester will all come together

and be there for each other x

god is everywhere and believe me that nameless person . will be in hell

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Although these attacks are absolutely awful, they tend to bring people together and closer as a community rather than tear them apart (which is normally the goal!) so although it is horrendous to think about and causes enormous worry, try to 'flip it' in your mind and think of the good that will come from it...I say this as it has obviously caused you great anxiety as it has done for me and this is how I try and justify things in my head...I haven't really explained that very well, sorry but try not to worry...all the best Eddie 👍🏻

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thanks x its just chidren mums dads everyone I feel so sad for all of them . its me brain ,damage my emotions are highly sensitive . seriously I would give one of my kidneys to save a life of those still in hospital a child 1st . now I would do that .

and people will think he s got severe damage to his brain .is or does he no what he s doing yes I do .any rich people within headway .you start the prosses now for me .

I only no and this is az always the truth and from the heart to give a kidney ,

you only need one . I just want to help . my life and future is not nice but ive except that I just want to help .and do the best I can for others I put other people before me,

so I say this to anyone who could make this happen do it .my name and address phone number are on this site .what could this do for me well imagine me saving a life of a child .it would be really lovely feeling . I cant think of anything better that I could do

in life . yes I would need someone to pick me up and take me to were I have to go and get it done .I don't fear death .by trying to save someone s life but .I need help getting to were or what hospital and confirmation of the top doctor that it will work and the child who could be saved faces no risk .and would survive .this is me I no what im doing .,

this is how I am yes all the time . im a good man .

az for whats just happened with my type of damage thanks eddie is what I love to be told . and nice people like the angels you can phone headway . there so nice and careing angels . and all people on site they feel like when I speak to them like my mum.who died . my mum was like they are heart of gold intouch with people s. emotions . like I am . getting fatigue in brain need to liedown .


I'm sure your Mum would be very proud of you Eddie. Being a kind person is important and it sounds as though your heart is in the right place. I'm sure that the doctors are doing all they can to help those who have been injured and often just the fact that your thoughts are with them is enough 😊


I don't believe in either heaven or hell Eddie, only what we have here on Earth. But I blame religeous zealots for these atrocities and for brainwashing young people into carrying out their 'dirty work'.

An Adam Curtis documentary about corrupt governments (including ours) showed a coach-load of Syrian children being carted off for training ...............in the 'art' of suicide bombing. In certain cultures children are the property of the state and are taught of the glory of death and the reward of paradise.

And even those who are British born are routinely groomed via the internet to remain loyal to their own country and ideals. So if that's how these exremist governments value their own children, they're unlikely to think twice about ours.

My daughter was caught up in the IRA bombing when she worked in Manchester in 1996, but the IRA gave sufficient warning to enable the whole area to be evacuated. The devastation to property was shocking but not a single person died in the attack.

There will be repercussions from our government and military for this latest atrocity .............and the killings will go an and on, whilst good people can do nothing but weep.


you are correct cat but the truth about islam is not been told, and when you do tell the truth like britain first and other far right groups you get arrested for inciting racial hatred

what race is islam ????????????????????????

am back on the 13th doctors on the 20th i think that it may be a waste of time i will let you know

but you never know, all the information i have got is that there is no cure and i am going to get worse which is slowly happening

take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



cat all that it takes for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing ( edmund burk )


Yes John, I had that quote in mind, but it was a variation in that some good people (we minions) often can do nothing, not from apathy but powerlessness.

So it's a matter of showing sympathy and support for the bereaved and injured (think the amount raised is now in excess of £4000,000)............a poor substitute for lives, I know.

I'm sorry you're not expecting a positive prognosis m'love. but keep those Spartan spirits up.................and I'll be right there, trundling along, with you ! xxxxx


Eddie, Manchester is my city, I intend to place flowers at the memorial and will place one for you, I think just knowing people care will help our city come through this and be strong. Love Alice xx

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our thanks love the way I feel at the moment for you alice to say and do that makes me feel like people like me . im just numb again after someone said I depress everyone .

but you alice love I needed this and thank you it means a lot nearly gave up.thanks xxx


respect, patriots stick together, every bomb every murder makes my resolve stronger


i feel the same

but this was expected the far right have been saying this for a long time

the polititions let them in after fighting for ISIL there are over 23.000 potential terrorists

all following what it says in the Quran the islamic war manual, yes i read it and all about mohammed and islam for the past 1400 years you had better get used to it unless

islam is completely banned in every civilised country , it is banned in Japan

i know what i am talking about , trouble is people do not read history,

i quote, misunderstanding the present grows fataly from the ignorance of the past,

the last major attack on the west was the battle of Vienna 1683 when the ottoman turks

attacked for the second time their intention was to turn the vatican into a Mosque

it was the Polish Hussars that saved the day, there is a good video on utube about the battle,

good read , the story of mohammed , by harry richardson , also on utube islam in1hour by dr bill warner , all the information is out there

take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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