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Physio or Personal trainer?



The other half is nearly ready to come home... Exciting times. However we have been told our "outside" care is rubbish so looking at my own ideas. Anyway he is really enjoying the benefit of the physio sessions (he is 99.999% back to full ability) what I am wondering if there are physio' on the outside world who can continue this sort of work (privately I mean) or maybe he could be ready to have an understanding personal trainer through a gym or something, he does want to get back to a strong level of fitness and I think if he has a focus then it would help with coming home

I'm in the Manchester area and all suggestions greatly appreciated

Love x x

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Our local private hospital does physio sessions - either in a group or one to one.

Hi Im in the Manchester/Oldham area and the nhs provisions are so stretched the waiting time is ridiculous.

So , whatever you can do would be great, ive joined the local gym but mainly use the pool as it suits me at my age, 65.

I dont know the cost of personal trainers or physios. Id try the gym first you can always switch to the other if its not right for him.

But, theres lots to choose from if you do a search, itll be a trial and error exercise i expect .

Exciting times for you, well done

Janet xxx

Solus_Spes in reply to Kirk5w7

Thanks Janet, I spotted a potential physio near where we live but I am not sure if they might think he is "too good" for a physio as he has been termed the "miracle case" jokingly by staff, I also worry a PT may push him too hard but I think the stability of someone working with him will give him a reason to move and go out, whereas just going to the gym on his own he might not go. It's all so complicated when you are working on ideas or "What if's" haha!

We are Northenden/Wythenshawe end and have been told no chance, pretty much because everything is Salford

Take care x x

You can find some details about qualifications and professional membership here:

Hi im nearer Oldham but give it a try, if they have brain injury knowledge they will know how appearances can be deceptive.

U was deemed a miracle case because i survived, now i have the physical issues to deal with, loss of some peripheral vision, cant drive, cant run, night vision very poor, cant turn quickly, cant lift my head too far up and back but all “within acceptable parameters.”

So you lose nothing grab the bull by the horns and help him be the best he can be.

Janet xx

you say 99.9% back to full ability but you dont say why he was in hospital and why he needed physio.

if he is that driven, then you could get exercise sheets from the physios at the hospital for him to do at home, saving you the expense of of a private physio.

does he suffer from mood swings, noise intollerance, inappropriate behavior, problems with crowds, or is this something youll find out when he comes home, just like my wife did.


Solus_Spes in reply to steve55

Hypoxic brain injury... Is why he is in hospital and I say 99% is that minus some minor cognitive issues he is back to himself/full rehab.

Although physio sheets are a good idea he is benefitting from the contact and that's what I believe will help him.

His mood is fine... In fact better than before. Hence the affectionate term of "miracle case"

If you have medical health insurance it will help. I contacted my GP and they referred me to a physiotherapist which has helped me enormously! This was then covered by my work health insurance. I also took a personal trainer in my local gym to help get my confidence and strength back and this was very beneficial.

The other thing that helped me was acupuncture through my physiotherapist. It has helped relax and give me focus.

I would highly recommend headway.... they could maybe lead you in the right direction... awesomeeee charity supporting people with brain injury x

Hi. My husband was greatly helped by Gill from Complex needs practice. Although she does travel quite widely you may be a bit far from Bury / Ramsbottom. She charged £80 per hour plus travel. But what she achieved - worth it. And holistic, not just physio. We had a year on the waiting list after discharge before community services engaged. You could also try Basic in Salford. I'm sure they'd have recommendations for physios. Have you considered using their virtual rehabilitation machines? Absolutely remarkable.

By the way which hospital / rehab unit is your husband in? Despite being in GM too sounds like your rehab experience is very different to ours!

Solus_Spes in reply to DandD2

He is in Trafford General at the moment, we were lucky I believe as the brain damage they feared has not manifested in the way it could have been so aside from hearing and mild cognitive issues he is progressing remarkably. This may have impacted our rehab journey, although it has not been without challenges and frustration (from me more than him haha!) I am hoping BASIC will be an option but as I don't drive and he may have to get to places on his own it could be a complicated journey for him, his main brain issues include his planning bit so multiple bus or tram journeys may be complicated for him although we don't know yet.

Considering waiting times I am trying to see what else I can plan. Thanks for the link though I will have a look x x

Hi. When I came home from hospital I was on a long waiting list for NHS community care so I had some private physio, which really helped. After that I started with a personal trainer and now I'm gymming on my own. Where abouts in Manchester are you? Feel free to message me if you want any more details. Good luck

Hi I had my tbi in 1998 and was wheelchair bond when I started at the Patty Shelly rehabilitation Center in Nottingham. Now I walk around home independently. I use a stick to walk around places I do not know. At the moment I still use a chair for shopping as my balance is still poor so I cannot walk and carry things. I swear by my physiotherapist Patty Shelly who at first I had every day during the week but we have reduced it as I become more able. So now I only go twice a year for week sessions.

Patty is the reason I am so independent now. I was told I would never walk again but being stubborn I knew I would. I was really lucky we found this Physio department. It is private but worth every penny. So I highly recommend it.

Best of luck.

Happy Easter! Shame we are not in your area as my son suffered a severe axonal brain injury four years ago and is just beginnning to go back to ‘work’ as a volunteer for his (private) neuro physiotherapist. He was a Personal Trainer before the accident and now may look to specialise in neuro personal training. It will be a slow road back though for him..

Your partner sounds like he has recovered extremely well and a personal trainer to gently maintain his general fitness would be good. If you could find a neuro personal trainer near you they would of course be more mindful of the many cognitive issues that also need to be recognised. Neuro physiotherapists exist but would probable be considerably more expensive than the Personal Trainer may be...


Hi. Which ward is he in at Trafford General? I was in the INRU and before that Salford Royal and Stoke before that? Do you come under Penine care for the community care? When I left TG I had to wait about 6 months for my community care to start which included physio.

Whilst I was waiting for the community care to start I had some private sessions at Manchester Physio. Once I'd built up some fitness I joined a gym and had a personal trainer for a couple of months. He was what they call 'GP Referral' so had a very good understanding of my problems. Once I'd built up some confidence I was able to start going to the gym on my own. I still have the community physio but that and the gym nicely compliment each other. Good luck

I'm sorry for replying to your message a second time! I guess the short term memory loss is a reward from my TBI!

Don't worry that's a huge help, I think we fall under South Manchester so there is a physio and OT avaliable but not a neuro team. Lucky they tell us a waiting list is weeks not months though but hopefully going to find that out for sure in the next few weeks

We have a Manchester physio branch near us so was thinking of going to give them a call, also waiting on a call back from BASIC as well.

Yeah he is in Trafford inru at the minute, although at the stage he is climbing the walls cause he wants to come home so hopefully if I start looking we can look at things to breach the waiting list gaps x

How is in the INRU these days? Some fabulous staff in there! I can understand why he is climbing the walls. I 'enjoyed' the days with all the different therapies but the evenings were so long especially the nights when you had no visitors.

Seems okay, some nursing staff we don't get on with but others are good. The rehab side is still good though. He has the TV so that keeps him going and and I visit every day to avoid those long nights for him x x

Glad he's got the tv to keep him going. Does he have a good roommate?

He did for a while but they swapped him to a room with 2 of them in and he is awful, I do not know how he has not snapped at him to be honest (think his BI has made him mellow)

Only a week and a half for him to go so he is counting down haha

I remember that feeling of counting down the days!

I hope he gets through this last week ok and everything goes to plan for you both. Please feel to get in touch if there's any advice needed from either myself or my wife.

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