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I have an idea to put to you that I've been mulling over for a while.

I'm thinking of putting together an 'event' one day next year.

'Walk With The Baron'.

Myself and my wife walk, often. Next Spring or Summer we are going to walk a marathon. Now the plan is to do it with sponsorship for Headway. Due to my page, I already have interest from one or two people in other countries just from discussing it without announcing anything at all.

There will be no organised events, as on my own I can't possibly hope to arrange that kind of thing. What it will be is people walking whatever distance they choose, getting sponsored and raising money. I'll obviously be based in Lincoln and a few folk will be joining me, but on a wider scale, people will simply arrange their own walk on the same day, same time.


What do you think, I'm just seeing if there's any interest out there...

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I would assume you could set up a justgiving page and so on? The headway Uk have a sponsorship team or more likely person! But they seemed very bright can do folks! even with a large bird on their head!

Sadly I'd probably not get sponsorship since the distance I can walk is out of step with my appearance i.e. I look fit and healthy and can ride 100+ miles with out issue but much more than 4miles is hard going now, which most would struggle to grasp

I'll be arranging a date soon and setting up a Just Giving page too, but this really is very early days. I only announced the idea this morning and asked Headway for help too, which they are giving.

More to follow soon...

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keeley24 in reply to BaronC

I have actually had the idea of doing a sponsored walk to raise money for a brain recovery charity I go to. For me if I did this it would be on or around 14th July next year. Would like to get everyone from the group I go to involved and maybe somehow keep the raising money quiet from the 1s that run the charity and surprise them at end. Just an idea I had not sure if it would work.

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BaronC in reply to keeley24

Hi Keeley,

The date for this is still in the air, it very much depends on how much interest there is, but thus far I've got folk from the US, Australia, Switzerland and SE Asia on board. Obviously I'm going to have to tie in a date that is Ok for most who want to get out there and walk

I think it is a lovely idea. I already do walk for ME in May and this year it was only a group of us as friends but it was a lovely thing to do and it is about the walking and social support for the people going through the experience (in my case a friend who's son has CFS) as much as the sponsorship. I actually think that many of my husbands friends feel like there is nothing they can do to help but would like to show support by joining in. I look forward to seeing if Headway can help you make this a coordinated event.

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BaronC in reply to gabbycat

Excellent! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I'd love to Andy, I think it's a brilliant ides, might even get that trip to Lincoln hubby has promised me.😀

Janet xx

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BaronC in reply to Kirk5w7

Fabulous! I look forward to it :)

Up for that Andy. Do you want some musical accompaniment? I could ask the Lincoln Hospitals Band (where I play (never quite sure how good an idea that is with an unruptured annie but hey....)) to march a bit of the way with us....😀 we could play Lincolnshire Poacher, the Dambusters March etc (or the Game of Thrones theme, depends on what rocks your boat). Our charity this year is prostate cancer but I could ask the Committee if they would consider Headway for next year too.

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BaronC in reply to malalatete

OOH! Now you're talking!! :) Sounds like a plan! That could work and get some publicity...

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malalatete in reply to BaronC

I will ask and let you know!

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BaronC in reply to malalatete

The initial plan for the route in Lincoln is to walk from my home, close to The Plough near Rookery Lane, down Brant Road and out to Leadenham on the Grantham Road. Purely because it's exactly 13 miles and so turning round and walking back will be precisely 26 miles. AND more importantly, there are plenty of shops and pubs for refreshments and toilet stops...

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maureen103 in reply to BaronC

i would join you but i doubt for the full length although next year is some way off. Probably be able to press gang some friends into it too. Might have to divert off to Norton Disney. Will have to work out how far that is and how many pubs i will have visited! Excellent idea. Well done for thinking of it. x

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BaronC in reply to maureen103

You're more than welcome to join us for as far as you like! The whole point is to raise awareness (and money if you want to) the distance is secondary to the goal....

Sounds a great idea :-) . Me and my partner were hikers before his tbi, so I will see what date you choose and how he is near the time and decide what we or I can do :-)

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BaronC in reply to sue-66

Fabulous! Great to have you on board. It's all very new at the moment, but I'm really hoping news spreads. Only this morning small groups have sprung up in the Netherlands and New Zealand...

Brilliant idea - I am up for this. Might be on my own though - don't know of anybody on this site who lives North wales - far west, Anglesey way . When sorted please send me details . Clare

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BaronC in reply to CH56Twin

I most certainly will!

I'm up for it.



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BaronC in reply to pleyland

Fantastic, thank you Paul. I'll be announcing the date later this week. If you can get a small group organised, even better. The more we have on board, the more awareness will spread...

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pleyland in reply to BaronC

I can probably get a small group together.

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BaronC in reply to pleyland

Fabulous! Keep me updated...

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