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Panic attack?

It was my first experience. I was having a fab time visiting Gino'dacampo new restaurant opening. Even sat and chatted to him. We had a fabulous meal and I had one glass of red wine. During deserts I started to feel very warm....then hot. I looked up and my eyesight became blurred. I then couldn't breath properly. My sister could see something was wrong so said - let me take you out for some fresh air. As I started walking out of the restaurant my legs gave way and I couldn't stand or walk any further. A chair was pulled out and I sat with my head in my folded arms. I just kep saying please help there is something wrong? I thought the shunt inside my head had stopped working. Every time I opened my eyes it was more blurred, it was getting worse. My husband and sister had to carry me to the car, as I was unable to use my legs.

After getting fresh air and water and being in the car I slowly started to be able to talk without slurring and my eyesight started to go back to normal. I just felt exhausted....

They put me to bed and I fell asleep straight away.

It was a scary experience esp for my family including my daughter. But I think I had some kind of Panic Attack? My family said I did too much that day and without rest went out. But I just don't know...

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yup sounds like apanic attack to me,sometimes hot crowded places can do that,maybe a follow up with youre gp would be a good idea.lol i bet gino is enough to give anyone a panic attack! xx


Wow how awful for you, sounds really scary it wasn't a small stroke was it?

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No idea but what I thought was a panic attack a few years ago turned into a seizure next time it hit me. I would go see your GP get it checked out.


Exciting, pleasurable, Normal - BUT............Good food (eating later than you would at home?) good company, hot, noisy? Brightly lit? and a glass of red wine, which has higher alcohol content and why I stick to a glass of Rose now, it has much less! I used to really enjoy a good quality red or white wine, before BI but having tried both since, realised they are a big no no for me now!

I think you are correct in some respects saying 'panic attack' your brain, body and mind had a lot to take in, all in one fell swoop - and became overwhelmed! Is that how you would normally spend your evenings? Hence the reaction, perhaps!

I'd give yourself a couple of days minimum, for brain and body to relax and calm down, see how you feel, if all the non-working parts are back to normal, then you should be okay, getting back to your normal routines.

If you go to the doctor,s/he will probably want to prescribe a course of tranquilizers or Anti depressants. They end up in the liver going via your bloodstream to the brain, might not be compatible with what ever other meds you may take. He may not even prescribe the correct ones anyway for your brain,if you go to the Doc, and accept the med, check it out on drugs.com 1st,,for what it does, compare with existing meds, put your conditions in - use the whole page/s on the site, especially looking at the new scrip itself,. They go into a lot of detail that is worth reading!

However, I get the feeling you'll be ok without!

Take care of yourself over Xmas as well S x x

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my daughter suffers regular panic attacks god bless her, but to be honest ive never heard of one manifesting like that. what you had sounds far more like a mild version of the siezures that i used to suffer. Perhaps the shunt had blocked and you suddenly developed pressure on the brain?


I must say it sounds more like a seizure to me. My husband had one a few days ago and your description is very similar- in my view see your go and ask for referral to a neurologist. Hope this helps


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