Why Now ?

Hello all you lovely people, its Jules here.

Weather is quite bright, but has occasion spots of rain - the big fat rain drops that fall with a splat. Its quite nice and i am sure my frogs enjoy it.

Just wanted to ask a question.

Most of you know i have been trying to keep my part time job and i always have the fear that 'today will be the day' unless i produce what i need to for them.

With this, you know its been about a year now that i have tried, tried and started again and re tried to produce a simple 'animal care' leaflet. I am not joking when i say i probably have 200 files now each with dozens of half completed ideas with pictures and text all mixed up in a mess.

What a suprise i have had - i have so much going on at the moment that work is the last thing i have been worried about recently.

Then why is it then that last night, after a year of trying, i was able to send my first attemot at the finished 'artwork' into work for consideration ? Why now ?

Really pleased (but also know they might 'rubbish' it and i am an square one - but at least i got to the next stage) but dont understand why now ?

Isnt it odd.

Does anyone have any ideas - or has it happened to them ?

Kidest regards to you all



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  • Hi Jules, Nice and sunny here, but not so warm as it has been.

    Maybe you did the work because you had stopped stressing about it. Thinking about other things, maybe work wasn't so important so you didn't 'overthink' what you were doing? Just a thought!

    Hope all is well with you.

    Jan x

  • i wonder if thats it Jan

  • Why not now , I can't answer your question but you got it done . So bravo jules👍

  • thank you Patrick - my family were full of glee for me too. Brilliant to have moved on to the next stage - whatever it brings, its got to be better than being in a 'swamp'.

  • Ps the weather is cloudy and dull a few sunny spells but dry here in london

  • I don't know why this happens, remember it down to the brain. Nothing like your situation but I do have jolts for no reason. It's fab what has just happened and it proves to you you have still got it there. I agree your stress ect will have much to ith the block. At this stage the brain can think of one thing at a time. It's great your able to have these things happen. Try not to think about it too much other than it's good. If you think too much about it you will give your mind something else to think about and your brain will shut down again

    Remember it's fab news

    Luv ya lots xxx

  • yep, thats exactly what i was doing Candice - i am going to try and forget about it for a while.

  • Could it be an problem with the brains ability to make decisions? I have that problem and it is often insurmountable so hinders getting anything done or completed if a decision is needed. I can collect all the information etc required but then can't weigh it all up and reach the decision as to what is best or the way forward, or to do things etc! Leads to nothing getting done or completed and so has a huge impact on daily living.

  • Hello Strawberry, yes, i am pretty sure that is the same for me, it has taken years thou to work out what happens in my brain, enough to be able to describe it to other people.

    I still know i could have produced much better, given time - but i dont have that to play with, a year is rediculous i know.

    But i am not down about that at the moment - i moved on to the next stage, i think i might be a little in shock !

    I also know that when you get a lift in emotion like this there is nearly always a big fall.. so i am trying now to baby step it through my thoughts.




  • Hi m'love. Look for the red dot at the top of your screen ; sent you a message which covers this question. Sunny here today after a bad start. Getting cabin fever now though ! Lots of love.........xxx

  • Hi Jules you've had a break through by the sounds of it, its brilliant I think its just you were in the right mode and probably enjoyed yourself. I think when you try to much and get stressed you never properly achieve what you set out to do. I have had many moments of both trying over and over again, leaving something going back and cracking it.

    Any battle big or small that we can win is such an achievement to be proud of xx

  • Hello!

    That's great news, you must feel satisfied with a sense of "I can do it!" I agree with comments above, you probably let go of the worries, plus you maybe you have acquired new care skills through your experience as carer for a loved one?

    Anyhow, I'd love to see the leaflet, as I love animals myself ❤️ Take care x

  • I write, a lot. I suppose the nearest I can get to what you're talking about is writer's block. I just lose interest, focus, or even the will to continue. I just have to stop and step back and take a break. I don't decide how long the break is, the brain injury does that for me.

    But, I do start again eventually...

  • hello Mr Baron C - Jules here.

    ... but, how do you force the brain to start again when it must because the employer will want it done in reasonable time ?

    Have your frogs gone yet ? mine have.

    Kindest regards



  • I can't force anything, simple as that really. You have my sympathy.

    Frogs? Remind me...

  • What do they remind you of Mr Baron ?


  • You asked if my frogs have gone yet, what frogs?

  • Sorry, I thought you had frogs !

    My cats sometimes bring the poor little things in (unharmed as far as i can see), so i bet curfew would anyway, if you did have any frogs.



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