Frustrating brain

Hello everyone, jules here

Hope you are ok.

I seem to have forgotten how to use messages properly on this site.

I have just been watching my email in box, but i have remembered/figured out that i need to check messages while i am on the healthunlocked page. Or something like that.

Going to try and use it again now before i forget how to again.

There are messages there from lovely people i havent seen before, or replied to - if its you, i am so sorry.

Kind regards



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  • You've managed a message to me (which I'll read after this) so you're obviously having sporadic problems Jules. For access to messages just select the three bar menu symbol in the top left-hand corner, then scroll down to 'messages' and select it.

    You do know how it works ; probably just had a blip ! xxx

  • thanks cat - i tried to copy and paste the 'letter to myself' by the lady doctor - hope it was ok



  • Yes m'dear it's absolutely fine. But I'm left very confused (a bit gobsmacked actually) at what you've written. I've replied to your message. We need to talk !! xxx

  • hi Cat

    OOOPS, no, I didnt write it (Iwish)

    It was an article i cut and pasted written by the lady doctor.

    I am always getting people wrong, sorry cat did i write something wrong ?

    Kindest regards



  • No you've done nothing wrong Jules. I'm just a bit confused but I'll message you tomorrow. Don't worry, It'll be my mistake I'm sure ! xxx

  • Hi Jules,

    No worries. I'm still trying to get to grips with thei and that on here :) My biggest niggle with the site is when I view it in my phone. It always says 'view this post and 27 more' arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Why is it 27? Couldn't it be 20 / 25 or 30? (Runs down the road flailing arms ha ha) make it a sensible number Headway.....27 is a really difficult number to cope with :)

  • made me giggle, worth a million these days. x

  • Hey Jules, I've calmed down since realising that your letter wasn't about you. I was thinking 'Wow, isn't Jules an accomplished lady, with medical qualifications and a pilot's license, and I didn't realise she's in the US !' Now I've had a sleep and realised I'd read it wrong...................Duuhh !!

    Hope you're on form today m'dear. Love, xxx

  • Dear Cat

    That made me feel a little sorry for myself.

    I am trying to think of things i have done in my life that would make me an accomplished lady.

    It was yet to come but then i crashed.

  • Do you know what Jules ? I bet most of us are haunted by that sentiment ; I know I am at times. I'm passionate about my garden and spend many hours working in it. But for many people that wouldn't be enough. And I do feel intellectually starved at times since my brain can't keep up as it used to.

    But I find the internet wonderful for learning, so I can spend ages learning new stuff at my own pace. It's stuff which I wouldn't have had the time or inclination to learn about previously, but which I now find fascinating.

    I've bought a Kindle and downloaded books about North Korea and the unbelievably deprived living conditions for educated, hard working folk. It makes me feel very fortunate to have what I have, regardless of brain injury.

    But for achievement, you could enrol on any number of courses at your local college ; there are loads of interesting courses for adult students. You might be suited to something 'arty' ??

    And let's face it Jules, the doctor woman would make anyone sick with envy, so not a realistic roll model ! xxx

  • Hi Cat

    Its odd isnt it how our brain puts assumptions together about a persons character and probable background history, all based on a fleeting glimpse - or as in here on the forum, with never actually meeting the person. We almost have to 'file' them as something dont we.

    Similar idea was the program called Blind Date (remember that ?)

    What also hits me is what you think you are may not be what people perceive.

    And, to top it all, what you think you are, when you look in the mirror, you are not.

    I suppose its all just brains filing things their own way and doesnt make much difference either way.



  • It's true Jules. We seem hard-wired for collecting data and assembling it in a way which seems plausible. Have you ever tried to look for the good in someone you instinctively dislike ; it's so hard. It's the right/left brain conundrum again, and going against the instinct is hard work.

    I try really hard not to jump to conclusions but I have to admit to feeling shocked when it seemed you were an American doctor with a pilot's license because, yes, my brain had gleaned that you're a lovely lady who did everything possible to carry on working after a BI and who is now frustrated by her inability to achieve more goals. And to be honest, I prefer this version of you.

    But remember.................the after effects of BI are not discriminate, and whether you're a high achiever, celebrity or you and me, it will bring you down. (I might be slapped down for saying that folk like James Cracknell and Richard Hammond must have had far better rehab treatment and aftercare then anyone here). xxx

  • I know you will be busy Cat, but just wanted to say that i thought you were disappointed i wasnt a pilot .... what a strange conversation this would be for anyone who didnt know the background to that !

    Nice to be accepted for who am am.

    Kindest regards



  • ;-) :-) xxx

  • Hi Jules,

    No messages from you or from me to you but iv sent one just now. Have a fantastic Saturday. XX Nick

  • Just a comment on Cat's answer here about the rehab for Richard Hammond etc..... is there such a think as rehab? We were certainly not offered anything at all. They offered to put my husband in a mental home permanently and that we all. Everything else we did for ourselves or found out for ourselves. I did hope that things were better nowadays, but maybe not. How very sad when early treatment can make such a difference to the end result. It was many, many years before I'd even heard of Headway and even more years before I found that I could contact them for help.

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