Thank You to Who ?

Hello everyone, Jules here,

I would like to say a huge rhank you to whoever organises, 'makes Health Unlocked' possible.

I spend my time looking for projects that are rewarding to someone for some reason, that makes me feel like a good person.

The forum has been there for me at some quite serious stages of my recovery and i hope i have thanked everyone on the forum here. But i wondered if i should be helping the forum to continue to help others, like it helped/is helping me. Its worth its weight in gold to me, and many All others here.

Who is that makes the forum possible, who is it i can help and what is needed - if its just cash then any ideas how others are helping and who they are and if there is a group ?




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  • I agree with you Jules, the forum is excellent. It was many, many years before I discovered it and I had no idea where to turn for advice or help. Just to log on and see other people's experiences puts everything into perspective. I wish I had found it when my husband first had his BI, it would have given me so much reassurance. I think the main thing is that we need to let people know it is here, there must be thousands of people who would benefit from it, but don't know where to find it. I assume that the good people at Headway will know the answer to your questions. Maybe there are things we could all do to help?

    Have a good day, Jules. I'm off on 5 days to Wales with my local WI group so hope the sun shines.


  • Hi Jan

    I didnt find out about it until about 2 years ago, the crash was in 2010 (4 difficult years, where everything i was experiencing I thought i was alone with, how wrong.

    I think the only way i would have found out would have been the only place i was forces to go to ... medical appointments/GP.

    Why are leaflets not given out by your GP , do you or anybody else know? this is where the communication breakdown was for me.

    Hope sun comes out for you later Jan, I think we are expecting showers here, but not bad for the UK. Cant remember where you are fronm Jan, is it the North like me ?

    I have had good experiences of the WI. They have given talks in the past (or whe hAave visited them with a stray animal to talk to them about the work of the animal charity i work for. When first started at the shelter one of my forst jobs was to 'baby sit' a monitor lizard (huge!) in my office. It jumped on my papers on the table and i knew then i would work there a long time. Its 25/26 years now. Could be longer, i forget.

    Have a good day



  • You can order leaflets from Headway and give them to your GP's surgery to be put on the noticeboard or wherever leaflets go. I'd give them to the receptionist, not the doctor. Receptionists are more likely to respect an official-looking leaflet, whereas doctors might snap into "Don't tell me how to do my job" mode.


  • It's everyone that is in this group that makes it what it is. Glad this is helping you as it also helps me.

    I do talks now across the country sharing my experiences to be able to help others. This is one way of trying to give back. X

  • Hello Kavib, Jules here,

    Nice to hear from you, are you doing OK ?

    Have you always been able to do talks, i mean to have the confidence. And who do you do them for ? I think its brilliant, and i bet it helps you too ?




  • Yes I think so but because I'm passionate about this it helps. I have attached the links to one of them

  • I think that details of this website should be in all doctor's surgeries and should be given to every BI person when they leave the hospital, and given by all neurologists who deal with bi people. It is criminal that this resource is there but the people who need it most, are not told about it.

    No, I'm not in the North, Jules, I live near Gatwick Airport in the south. It is bright and sunny here but rain is promised for later. I hope so, I'm fed up with watering the garden and we only had a tiny bit of rain yesterday - just enough to be a nuisance but not enough to do any good.

    Hope you've managed to get the Headway brain injury card for your mum. Bet you are looking forward to her visit.


  • Yes, I miss her. Shocking for her to have a bi especially at her age. She was always fabuously intelligent or articulate, whatecver the right word is. And she gets so frustrated with herself. But we laugh at each other now. But there is nothing like a real hug from your mum is there.



  • I told a go I saw about it and made it very clear he knew the name and he noted it down😊As for who's responsible for it there must be some info on the site somewhere.

    Thanks Jules

  • Yep it's ME ME AND ME. It's all me 🤗 no it's not really. You are right though general chat on here is fab and we get to know each other and the problems they suffer from. I don't think I could manage without this, who would be talk to. " normal " people don't understand xxx

  • I share your appreciation for the Headway lifeline Jules as I'm sure all others members do.

    Hope you're doing ok m'dear. I'm taking a break in the York countryside for a few days so, naturally, it's pouring down .............. never mind, it's a change of scenery. xx

  • Hi Cat, Jules here

    Yes i am ok, peaceful lazy day. Hope yours has been nice too.

    The York countryside is beautiful from what i remember, country fields with gentle rain has a lovely natural feel to it and a nice smell. I especially like the smell of old woods in a forest when its been raining.

    In the sun it will also be brilliant, so either way it will be beautiful.

    How long are you away Cat, are you going by car ?



  • I have to agree this forum is a life line as is headway.

    Unfortunately little or no publicity seems to be given by the medical profession to either of theses.


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