Surgery after coiling

I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma 3 years ago, and I am on a watch and wait programme, then 2 years ago I had an unrelated SAH, followed by coiling. I made a good recovery but I now need a second knee replacement. I can't have anti coagulants, the anaesthetist says its scary, and the consultant says its risky.i have told them to go ahead with it, as I do not want to live the rest of my life in pain, I am 74, I have had a previous DVT. Has anyone else had surgery after a SAH

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  • Our knee replacements here are done in a private hospital under the NHS. As well as anti coagulants, they use boots that blow up and release every minute or so to keep the blood from clotting. Would they not be enough to keep you safe if they used them for longer than normal. They weren't wonderfully comfortable, but they were bearable.

  • I had my gall bladder removed almost 12 months to the day after my coiling procedure for a SAH. I didn't even consider the SAH as I was in so much abdominal pain, and it wasn't raised as an issue.

    Is the concern for you about blood loss during the knee op ?

  • Thank you exhausted wife and cat for your replies.l think my main worry is that I have been told I can't have an epidural I have to have a general anaesthetic, this means it will take me longer to get mobile, more chance of a DVT. I have had aprevious knee rplacement with an epidural and I was mobile quite quickly.Perhaps as an ex nurse I look for the problems, and the consultant gave me the choice wether to have the op or not

  • I totally understand why you're determined to have the knee op ; joint damage is so debilitating and painful.

    How is it that you can't have an epidural this time m'dear ?

  • No idea the anaesthetist said he wasnt prepared to risk an epidural. He has since my appointment with him spoke to a haematologist and my neuro surgeon, so I have to be guided by what he says

  • Without the knowledge of the complexities of anaesthetic and its effects on a person with particular issues, it's impossible to understand the reasons for refusing an epidural when it seems (to me in my ignorance) the least disruptive option.

    There's bound to be an element of 'Too much knowledge' in your particular case ; I suppose for most of us ignorance really is bliss.

    But it would have saved you all this uncertainty if the exact reasons for a particular course of action had been properly explained to you. Please let us know how you get on my dear ; I hope all goes really well.

    Sincere best wishes, Cat x

  • I know they don't like you to "die on the table"there is an awful lot of paperwork !!!!!

  • Now there's a cheerful remark ! I'm thinking of asking my rheumatologist whether a partial joint replacement might be an option, mainly as the procedure is so much less invasive, quicker, and the healing is almost immediate...............all depends on whether it would be appropriate. Mine's an elbow joint, badly worn after years of heavy manual work affecting just one arm.

    When are you due for the op ? ................. can I have a name ; really don't want to address you as 1oldwoman ! Cat x

  • Cat. My name is Joyce. Been for my 2nd pre op. I definitely can't have the anti coagulant I need. I asked if they have a plan b if I get a DVT, and there isn't one. Op. date is either 4th or 6th of april. I know they will use flowtron and mobilise me as quickly as possible

  • Hello again Joyce (that's much better). Do you have a history of DVT ? x

  • Yes, I have had a previous dvt, so always have anticoagulants prior to surgery

  • Yes, I have had aprevious dvt, so have always had anticoagulants prior to surgery

  • You're in a complete bind Joyce ; you need the op but it has to be on someone else's terms. So, as you stated earlier, your choice amounts to a simple yes or no.

    I'm sorry that what should have been a straightforward procedure has, for you. taken on this added complication. But I guess you're going ahead with it, so all I can say is I wish you well, and I hope (and strongly suspect) that you'll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome !

    All best wishes Joyce ; please let us know how you get on in April. Cat x

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