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White Feathers

Hello everyone, Jules here.

Just catching up on the posts i have missed the last couple days and came across the feather discussion.

What a joy - i found one yesterday (i was very low) and another today before reading the posts.

I dont know what i believe about things in the 'after life', but i am pretty sure i know who sent this feather to say they are watching over me - if it is true.

Sometimes its a little something like that that can go so far in your life - it made the corners of my mouth curl up a little and softened a few wrinkles too.

Thank you for the posy (I think it was posted by Kavid ?)

Kind regards



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Nature is wonderful and has got me through many dark days.

With the power of thought it can achieve a lot.

Thankfully days are sunnier- not long til spring equinox and the days becoming longer :)


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