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Driving Assessment blues


Hello everyone, jules here.

Hope your weekend went okish.

I have eventually got this date through (after 2 years of waiting) from DVLA for a driving assessment its this week coming Thursday 2nd February. Its being held at Walkergate hospital where i go for therapy.

I did a trial run a few days ago which didnt go well, but it has been 2 years.

Has anyone done the assessment recently and know what order they will do things in and what they are looking for ?

Kind regards


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Yes, Jules, my husband did it in the summer. He firstly had an assessment with a psychologist, just putting things in order, remembering an address, that sort of thing. Then he went out for a drive with the examiner. It wasn't like an ordinary driving test where you need to have your hands in the right position and all that sort of stuff. He just wanted to know that he was safe to be on the road, used common sense in overtaking parked cars, remembered what to do at road junctions. Just basic stuff that you can probably do in your sleep.

was there any reverse parking Jan ?


I didn't go with him on the drive and he won't have remembered, but I think it was just basic driving, just to prove that he was competent. I am sure you'll be fine. Just relax and drive sensibly.

Can't speak for anyone else. My assessment was in the North last February.

The process, for me, and there can be variation was

Introduction to the assessors.

A bit of a breather.

Read an eye chart.

Conversation with the assessors.

Little rest.

Reaction time test.

Another little rest.

Out on the road. First in a quiet area and then through town and dual carriageways etc.

Back to center and wait for verbal statement.

Then waiting a month to find out if the DVLA agreed with the assessors.

If you feel you need a rest at any time you must say so.

Hope this helps Jules

Love n hugs


Evening Oxo

Oh dear, a little worried about going out on a road i hadnt planned.

I suppose it will be the coast road near the assessment center then - thats ok.

What did the assessors ask you at the beginning and how did they test your reaction time ?

By Verbal Statement do you mean they say yes or no or is it me making a statement ?

I am so stupid, sorry.



One thing at a time...

Any road driving is in a dual control car so that takes some of the pressure off.

I honestly don't remember questions it was more of a conversation about my brain injury and how it affects me.

The reaction time test is on what they call a stationary rig. You sit as if you were in a car and when they give a signal you break hard.

Verbal statement...They will tell you what they are recommending to the DVLA but they can stop you driving instantly.

Phew tired now!



Wishing you all the luck for your assessment day. It's fantastic that the day is nearly here.....think how it will feel afterwards :) I miss driving - especially at certain times when I just want to go to somewhere that's not on a bus route. I'm sure it will all be fine - it's not like a test, so relax as much as possible and let us all know howIt's all goes x

Just wanted to wish you well for Thursday Jules. Sorry I can't comment on the assessment as my neurosurgeon cleared me for driving after my 3 month recall appointment.

I'll be thinking of you m'dear ! xxx

Hi Cat, Jules here

Thank you - and i will come back and talk about what was asked of me in case it helps someone else, like the advice here today has helped me



Hello darling Jules. I,m sure you will be ok as long as you try and remain as calm as you can. For sure, from what people have said , it's not like the usual test, and you passed that didn,t you,,,,,,,just because you have had a BI, it doesn't,t mean you,ve lost your marbles.. anywAy, if he fails you just let me know his address and I,lol be on a flight to clip his ear.

Sertioulsly babe, try and ge some sleep if you can and walk out of thar door with your head up you can.... do it.

Lots love


Hi Jules, great news to waken up to this morning! All the very best to you for the assessment; just relax and do your best! xx

Hi Jules,

My assessment was in Derby in the summer. I hadn't driven our car (a hybrid electric) for 5 years - or a 'normal' car for 10 or 11. After the tests - as described above- he took me out and took me to a quiet residential area, then stopped the car and asked me to change places. I sat there and thought, well, this is a no-go, I can't even remember how to start the stupid thing! But he talked me through it really patiently and it was like riding a bike - it all came flooding back. I got my licence through the post a couple of weeks later (and just 2 weeks ahead of my brain surgery...go figure...) and have bern so thrilled to be back behind the wheel.

Very best of luck, hope all goes well.

thank you Mal



My sister did the assessment twice and failed the first time. Her biggest regret was not getting some driving lessons before the first assessment. Good luck!

I have read this thread and just wanted to add a different perspective. I suffered TBI in 1989 and made a good recovery but in 2001 I started suffering from neurological problems. I drove around 2,000 business miles a month and took my Institute of Advanced Motorists Test in 1996- so I was very keen! But the major thing they teach you in both the standard and advanced driving tests is that safety is paramount. As a child I had a friend killed in a road accident and now have two adult children and for me, the risk of causing an accident because of my neurological deficit wassimply not acceptable. I decided not to drive and haven't now for more than a decade. I get hospital transport to my various hospital appointments. Please, please ask yourself if you really believe that you are safe to drive - these tests and assessments are trying to do a difficult task and I do not envy them. Were you to caused the death of someone whilst in charge of a tonne of metal moving at speed it would be very hard to live with!

Hi there CarolineLD, Jules here,

Yes, it is exactly what is on my mind.

The DVLA took the licence (I think) because of the effects of one of my tablets which i used to take in the morning. But i stopped taking that a few months back.

I ditto your concerns about returning to driving and will only do so if i do feel in complete control and safe. If i dont then sadly i will stop even if it is a 'pass' on the day.

Thank you Caroline, you are a lovely caring and sensible woman.



Hello Jules

You too are a caring lady and the very fact that you are considering the safety of yourself and others is a strong indication that you will make the right decision.

Please try to relax as much as you can on assessment day and remember your friends on this site will be thinking of you - I know I will.

Please try and enjoy the process ( know that it is easy for me to say) and all the very best to you for on the day.


Thank you Clare

I am going out for 2 more dummy runs then i will leave it.

Will let you know what happens



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