Cant think of a title

Hello anyone listening - Jules here.

I feel like i am surrounded by painful spikes today. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone.

Everything seems to be painful, hurtful. Emotionally. This morning. Keep thinking i am imagining it, but then something else happens that upsets me.

Just wanted to chat about the weather or something 'normal' for a while.

Hows the weather looking for people here - i know theres people from all over on this forum.

Jules (not getting there) today



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  • Hi Jules, sorry you are feeling like that today. I know exactly what you mean, there are some days when everything seems to conspire to damage you.

    Our weather is cold and dull today in the south, a shame because it has been so glorious this week. The tulips are in bloom and the trees are full of blossom which all looks so much nicer when the sun shines on them.

    Hope the day improves.

    Jan x

  • Thanks Jan - its cloudy and changeable here.

    A really good thunder storm would be lovely. Something about it makes you feel alive doesn't it.


  • It's a bit cloudy here, Curfew is spark out on my knee and I'm bored :)

  • Curfew is a brill name for a cat.

    Are you still making films Mr Baron ?


  • Yes, indeed I am, posted one yesterday in fact. Curfew approved :)

  • Hello Mr Barron - Jules here.

    I tried, but i have forgotten how to look back and getn it.

    Can you send it again ?



  • Here you go...

  • Hello Mr Baron, Jules here

    I think the idea of sending yourself a postcard and having a holiday 'from yourself' is exactly what i am going to do myself.

    What a wonderful idea to come up with.

    I forget to watch out for your vids - this one is well worth watching




  • Thanks Jules! Much appreciated. To be honest, I stopped posting the films on here as people just weren't seeing them. Now they're only on my Facebook page and Youtube channel.

    I made this one as Headway asked me to make a short film for their campaign in May, 'A New Me', and there it is, hope it helps...

  • Must be Lepricorn magic!

  • P.S Do newborn have hooves?

  • I did say 'deer' :)

    They don't have feet do they??

  • they have hooves

  • Apparently, I said 'lamb'

    Aint short term memory trouble fun


  • I know you did,it hardly matters.iam glad you and the baroness had such a lovely time!

  • We certainly did, seems a long time ago already...

  • I live in Texas, USA. It has been hot. about 82 degrees for the high.

  • Hi again Bob,

    I have never been to Texas - have some wonderful pictures in my head of dusty old garages with colorful signs selling Castro oil and things - maybe the odd beautiful motorcycle purring past at a relaxed speed.

    Do you have much wildlife in Texas ?



    PS: weather sounds wonderful - do you ever take it for granted ?

  • Morning Jules.

    I think I know how you feel as I'm having one of those days too.

    Well the weater here is dry, cloudy and a bit windy. Perfect for not feeling guilty about not doing much

    I hope your day improves.


  • good to know you are feeling it too (if you know what i mean)

    Yes, bad weather is a valid reason to maybe stay in your PJ's on the sofa with 4 cats and a Dalmation whom is built like a staffie of steroids.


  • Lets all go to Texas, it sounds much warmer than here - I've just switched the heating back on.

  • Yes, Bob - is there room at your place for all of us ?

  • A heathunlocked field trip to Texas! Sounds good to me. Bob, do you have room for all of us?

  • Hello there again bob and everyone.

    I have it in my head (in a film or documentary or news or something).

    About a group of people who joined together - they all had a list of things they were too frightened to do, but otherwise would have wished they had done - not quite a 'Bucket-List' but along those lines.

    These people joined everybodys lists together to make one long list and now once every (6 months ?) they get together and ALL do the next thing on the list together - apparently they have a fantastic time.

    I wish i knew a group that was doing it - i would want to join.

    Bob - yours could be our base ......



  • I'm in Glasgow and it's really sunny but quite breezy,great weather if u want to hang a washing out!just trying to motivate myself and get out and use the strimmer before the weather changes again like it always does here lol xxx

  • If it starts raining in Glasgow again and soaks my washing I'm holding your strimming responsible!

  • Ha ha well u have just gave me the perfect excuse to stay in and watch this morning lol xxx

  • You must have fibbed and done some gardening Gemma, I got rained on!

  • Hi all.

    Today started dul here in South Yorkshire but sun keeps trying to shine.

    Was feeling ok today so decided to mow my daughters lawns ( why did I get a petrol mower???).

    Not feeling so good now. On a sort of positive note got my new glasses yesterday s my eyesight in one eye has deteriated once again. Now I have to wear them all the time.

    I thought they may make me look intelligent but the family concensus is NO nothing is that good...cheek.

    Well if the help ease the headaches I don't care what I look like.

    As for having a painful spike day I am with you on that. When even thinking hurts ( I try not to do much of this).

    Hoping the sunny weather keeps going as I am off down south at the end of the month. Mmmm Devon teas..I mean lovely countryside.


  • Hello lovely. I've been getting around a little bit better the last few days, but worn out today so I'm under the duvet re-reading 'Catcher in the Rye' ..............brilliant. And also answering all the replies to my post from last night about the new breakthrough in stroke treatment ; take a look Jules, it's really heartening.

    It's a chilly, blustery day here in Cheshire with drizzly rain showing on the windows occasionally, so a good excuse for not doing much. I got loads of washing dry yesterday though as it was a beautiful sunny day.

    Hope you're feeling recovered from last night's downer m'dear. Lots of love & hugs to you both.

    Cat xxx

  • Hi Cat

    Catcher in the Rye - whats it about - not for me, wondering if it might appeal to mum.

    The stroke breakthrough - i know you wrote about it last night but i didnt look - how do i find it again ?




  • Sorry Jules, only just spotted your reply. Catcher in the Rye is about a highly intelligent & perceptive middle class American teenager, Holden Caulfield, who is troubled and isolated in his anti-social way of thinking. It was published in the early 50s and translated into many languages. It developed a cult following in Britain in the 70s and was highly celebrated as one of the finest novels of its time.

    You can catch the details of the stroke breakthrough by Googling 'Thrombectomy'.

    Cat xxx

  • Hi

    Haven't read all the replies - been working all day - but hope you survived and found some more mellow moments or softness in your day.

    tomorrow is another chance for something better to come along - hope you get some nicer times ahead :-) x

  • thanks moo

  • Hi Jules

    Joining your thread a little late - hope you're feeling better today and yhe spikes have subsided. I think a lot of people here will understabds exactly what you mean, and I do too. Spikes are a part of everyday life now - invisible spikes are hard to explain to most people aren't they? But you won't need to explain much to us cos we know about that feeling :) hope things feel more smoooooth today :) xx

  • thank you Elanore

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