High Anxiety

This is my #happy face after visiting my #neuropsychologist today. The sessions are helping me to have a #balancedlife with both #myfamily and with #work .There are many #difficulties after suffering a #suburachnoidhaemorrage #sah and one of the #mostchallenging is to #acknowledgeyourself that you #needalittlehelp to get yourself #backontrack . I'm suffering from #highanxiety and it will just take time to overcome this. But I'm #proud that I'm #helpingmyself .One of the take aways from today is that it doesn't matter if you can't get every present or that I have forgotten the #christmascrackers for the table. At least I'm here with #myfamily and having a #happylife #whatisreallyimportant ? #merrychristmas #keepimproving #betterthanlastyear #berealistic #socialchange #socialgood #lovechristmas #lovelife #lovefamily

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Merry Christmas!

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How very wise, material things don't matter too much, friends and family are much more important - better to be happy in a shed with nothing than miserable in a castle!


Kavib please do try eating beetroot, can buy ready cooked balls in any supermarket. One small ball per day. It helps to regulate blood pressure. I used it to rid myself of anxiety with these things below. Alongside magnesium for muscle regeneration, B12 for nerve regeneration, and 5HTP for a good nights sleep. Anxiety is often assumed by a doctor as being within the scope of mental control. However, my experience of BI and anxiety, I would say it was an involuntary response to my early brain injury. Personally, I go with the young student doctors' research I read on the subject of the vagus nerve which connects from the neck all the way down the body. I think somehow the vagus nerve reacts to BI, by letting all other bodily processes know. It can then become a direct phone call between brain healing and fast heart beat. without having any mental thought intervention involved. There is anxiety that the doctors know and assume which can be caused by mental disharmony. In the case of the BI, this should not be assumed. A major contribution to anxiety reduction, assuming the vagus nerve is the culprit, is to regulate the lengths of in and out breathe. Over ride your breathing with long steady in two three out two three and repeat type breathes. Meditation? No. Simply watching the breathe. Realising its fast. Slowing it. for a 5 minute stint. Then go on with your life. Best.

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Kavib I find all the hashtags make the post really hard to read. Perhaps you could lose a few next time please? But wondrful sentiments once I got through it. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!


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