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Hey guys, I have another question today.

I have many friends that suffer from Anxiety including my best friend. My best friend suffers from Anxiety and used to find it very difficult to control. For example, many panic attacks on a daily, feeling low and down and constantly being worried about everything. However, now I'm glad to say my friend is much better. No more panic attacks, No more feeling low all the time but instead much happier. Does this mean my friend does not have anxiety anymore?

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Wow that's a BIG question, not sure I or anyone else can answer that one.

What I can say is that my antidepressant has stabalised me, so I don't feel depressed but I wouldn't stop taking them at the moment.

Marco6505 in reply to sealiphone

Does anti-depressants have extremely difficult side effects?

sealiphone in reply to Marco6505

Seems to be very much take and see which one works for you. I'm on 45mg of Mirtazapine a Google search will bring up all sorts of forum horror stories, for me no side effects at all, first time lucky I guess

Marco6505 in reply to sealiphone

I hope one day your not anti-depressants anymore and I wish you the best of luck for the future.


sealiphone in reply to Marco6505

Actually I'd have no problem with it even if I had to take them indefinitely, the only issue I have is remembering to take one before bed.

As I'm epileptic I've got a prescription exemption form so I don't have to pay the £8.80, every cloud has a silver lining.

Hi Marco. I had debilitating panic attacks for over 2 years, which ultimately cost me my career. After almost a year of trying various antidepressants, all of which had to be discontinued owing to severe side effects which didn't abate, I was finally prescribed Paroxetine.

Almost immediately my quality of life improved, and I haven't had a panic attack since (in 25 years).

It's unfortunately trial & error with antidepressants as people respond differently to the various drugs, but the right one can be life-changing.

Whether or not your friend remains free of anxiety is anyone's guess and a 'wait & see' situation I guess. If there was no identifiable cause and the depression/anxiety hit suddenly then it suggests a clinical cause meaning likelihood of a further attack.

But if the illness was in response to a traumatic event then it's possibly a one off.......though it still begs the question of whether he/she will react similarly to difficult events in the future.

Cat x

Hi, does anyone know some good examples of dealing with anxiety, stress or relaxation with a head injury other than medication?

breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, movement medicine, tapping, see a good counsellor....

Plenty in reply to eclairearm

Some good ideas. I spoke with a counsellor but they felt they did not know enough about brain injuries.

Has anyone with a brain injury had a good result from yoga? Or any of the other ideas? A personal result or experience?

sealiphone in reply to Plenty

I had the same experience although I did have 12 sessions with a psychologist, who was obviously clueless regarding brain injury, I just decided to stop the sessions as it was so frustrating.

I've found exercise to be helpful both for my physical and mental health.

Later I had sessions with a Neuropsychologist which I found very helpful, it's a much better experience seeing that your counsellor has a understanding.

Hi Marco, every person in the planet has had,or will have at one point, it's how we deal with it and how long we let it stay in our life, some people can dismiss it in a couple of seconds others it can take, weeks, months,or years you are in control of your thoughts, have good ones.

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