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I've been suffering from PCS for nearly 3 months.. I slipped and fell back and hit the back of my head, I didn't pass out so carried on as normal, I felt dizzy and had a headache which did get worst over the next following days so went to the doctor's where I collapsed! I was sent to AE where they did a CT scan, the scan came back clear so I was,sent home without any guidance on how I would be feeling or what PCS was! After going back to the doctor's every week for help they sent me to see a neurologist, who also confirmed that I was suffering from PCS and said it would take 6 to 12 months for the symptoms to go!!

I've been trying togoo back to work but just can't do a full days work or a full week without hitting a brick wall and feeling awful! OH have given me another 3 weeks off and return back to work plan 3 days in the office and 2 days working from home..

I'm suffering from dizziness, headaches,tinnitus anxiety! And would like to hear from any one else suffering from the same condition.



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  • Hi louise.

    Sorry dont know much about pcs. Alrhough dizziness headaches etc oohhhh yes.

    Hopefully if ct scans are clear these may clear. It may sound daft but loads of fresh air seems to help with the headaches along with walking no matter how slow or short the distance.

    Not much help sorry .


  • Hi Pax

    Thanks for replying, yes I've been trying to get out for walks and they do help. I just have to stay positive and keep going .


  • I was exactly the same after I fell at work and fractured my skull. I suffer with PTS PTM and anxiety. After keep but after keep going to the doctors and specialist, I now have medication and some coping strategies. The only thing I think I am missing is a friend who understands what I have been through and doesn't judge.

  • Hi Caldwell

    I know how you feel people keep telling me I'm going to get better but I get so scared. I've tried antidepressant but I don't like the side effects, I'm trying to manage my anxiety with meditation which helps, booked yoga for this Monday too to help with my stress.. well we're all friends on here going through the same illness.

    Wishing you well and keep in contact



  • It is quite a famiiar story and is very close to my own. I too had an unspectacular fall and haven't worked for 4 years,

    One of the things that helped with my dizziness and tinitus was having the Epley

    manoeuvre. It is quick and painless and can be done by a physio or Hearing specialist.

    The other thing is to try having a vision test - not one by an standard Optician but one that can check for things like mid-line shift. This may cause some headaches and dizziness.

    To go back to work you may want to have a "needs" assessment where they assess what changes you will require to go back to work - may be changes to lighting , different chairs, a quiet room where you can have a time out or nap.

  • Hi Sospan

    Some days I feel better,dizziness is getting better,sometimes I don't even have a headache, just a foggy feeling. But like this morning I woke up feeling awful again! I think a lot of what I'm feeling is anxiety.

    I have good days and bad days..

    I will look in to Epley for the tinnitus and have a appointment with a ophthalmologist later in June.

    I'm determined to beat this and get back to work, I have no other damage as I've been checked by the neurologist and CT scan was clear, I can function mentally well I just get really tried and then have a mental block!

    I just want my life back.. :0(

  • Yep, I have the same my CT scan was clear. I am a lot better now than I was even two years ago. I have moments where I am as good as I used to be but then others when I can't get my words out and reading and writing messages is a disaster.

    There are many of us like this - not ill enough to warrant attention from our GP's but not healthy enough to work properly.

    The living with a head injury club is quite large, many people join everyday but very few people ever leave.

  • I'm a lot better than I was but have this awful feeling in my head like a itch which makes me feel really irritable, it's all over so maybe anxiety, today I manage a yoga class, first time I've been back to the gym for nearly 3 months! Was really nervous but it felt great to get out.. in still have some dizziness a tinnitus which drives me mad!

    It's just this funny feeling in my head! Is that a sign it's healing?? I disengage it a few weeks ago or is that the norm? New symptoms appearing when you just think your getting better ..



  • Haha not sure what disengage is! Spelling mistake soz!

  • One of the things I found was that as I improved I could obviously do more and then realise there was a another symptom you hadn't notced before just because you are doing something different.

    It is just some of the quirks of having a head injury

  • Hi Louise, I have all the symptoms you mention (and quite a few other weird ones as well) following an accident. I'm still not back at work but making strenuous efforts to get back there.

    I'd support what @sospan says - I'm out most days for very long walks and it not only increase my fitness, but removes me from the house (I find being at home all the time upsetting some times) , but also gets me completely away from 'people' - I'm happier a lot of the time when I'm on my own despite having a lovely supportive family. Walking works well for me. It also helps with my sleep, or lack of it.

    Yoga sounds like a great idea, and some people have recommended tai chi - but I can't stand being in groups at the minute.

    Also a great idea (as has already been says) to ask for adjustments at work - anything to remove barriers to a successful return.

    On this forum I've found the most friendliest and sop portive people imaginable. I don't use any other internet groups and was terrified when I first joined - but it's been the best thing ever for finding someone who understabds.

    Good luck xx

  • And one of the best things about the people here is that it is a bit of give and take - sometimes we need help ourselves and sometimes we are able to give it to others.

  • Be kind to yourself and don't get into the good day/bad day cycle by doing too much on a good day. Recognise that being in a noisy busy place may drain your batteries much more quickly. The goal is not getting back to work as soon as possible, but getting the best long term recovery.

    Use this forum, we know more about living with this than most professionals.

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