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Headway :-(


Actually really annoyed/disappointed/let down and sorry I'm needing to vent a little - so don't read if you don't want xx

I've just been to my CBT, but we've got on for a while and I just use her for counselling and a chat - all excited and hopeful at the prospect for going to headway Falkirk after and hoping to actually chat face to face with someone and get a bit of much needed emotional support at the moment to be honest. The address where it's at was the Salvation Army... this wasn't open. So I found what street was pictured on google - no where was the actual headway place, just a lot of houses... so I rang the contact number on google for it and it just rang out... feeling a bit lost and clueless. Thank you for letting me have a bit of a rant xxxx

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Hi Katy-

I understand your frustration completely, having built up your hopes, only to find yourself staring, effectively, at nothing.

I've only ever contacted my local Headway by phone or email, and only ever in my 'work' capacity, not in an attempt to join in myself, I'm not much of a 'people' person. I think that the way my local Headway works is on an outreach basis, with the head office being located a few towns over, but events and groups being held in community venues, I'm not even sure that the office is open full-time.

If I were you, I'd keep trying the phone number, or look for the website, to see what's going on where, rather than just turning up at the registered office? Could be that, like my local branch, it's not staffed full-time?

You still have 'us' online, though.

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Yes I know, thank you 😊 I'm not too much of a people person though i rather that than phoning people! I thought it was rather daring of me, not even to ring first but while I'm in the area?! On the website it does say Tuesday morning they do a specific class there, and are open 9-5 Monday to Friday - though the website is perhaps outdated! The contact number is a mobile number too xx

Hi Katy,

Please click on link below for info : you might try to email to find out the specific opening times - click on email highlighted in blue on the page : headway.falkirk@yahoo.com


All the Headway groups have their own timetables of when and how long the groups are open. My local one ( Also using the Salvation Army facilities ) is the first and last Tuesday of the month, 1 - 4pm. As a charity, staffed by volunteers, they cannot provide a vast service. However, the Headway helpline is available 9 - 5, Mon to Fri or you can email instead.

It appears that your Headway holds a memory group on Tuesdays, 10 -12pm but provide other services too which may be at different times.

The Sal. Army base is likely shared by many charity groups at different times so you will not see a permanent Headway sign out front - they use a portable one on the days when they are there : )

Best of luck, Angela x

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Oops, the email addresses don't seem to link directly when you click on them, you may have to compose your own email and type the address in. x

Or... try filling in this email enquiry form and specify that you require details for Headway Falkirk ?


19KMcG87 in reply to angelite

Thanks Angela x

Sorry you have had a disappointing experience. I think quite a lot of Headway groups are smallish and many run from other premises and on a part time basis.

If you follow the link Angela provided to the Falkirk page there is a direct link to email the group and also contact details for someone else at Headway too. That link does work because I tested it... once you get hold of them they will be able to tell how that group operates and save any further disappointment.



I am really sorry to read that this has happened to you and please be assured that we are investigating this and will confirm when the Headway Falkirk branch is open, within the Salvation Army premises.

Joe from Headway

19KMcG87 in reply to headwayuk

Thank you, yes I do admit that I must have been rather presumptuous and ambitious going up with high pretences without even ringing first - so I apologise for building myself up so, resulting in the disappointment and so forth rant I had! I would very much appreciate the details of my local headway (Falkirk) I guess Perth would be closest after that - but still a good hour away! Thank you again :-)

Good luck with your search for the group. I know what you mean about building yourself up to doing something, getting all courageous and then finding the thing doesn't happen. Don't be put off, have another go and tell us how it went :) x

19KMcG87 in reply to Elenor3

Headway have been in touch as soon as I posted this to investigate so all seems sorted - I'll hopefully get there next week! :-)

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