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I'm off to Headway in a bit.


Although I am in so much pain today that I can't quite see straight, I'm off up to my local Headway in a bit.

I love the community there and it's escapism. They are just cool, the staff and clients!! Takes my mind off the crap I am dealing with. Within an hour or two of being there I'll become human again.

It's not easy coming from where any of us used to be in life. But now I find pleasure in the simple things like having a quiz about tv and celebs with the staff and clients.

It's a place of no worries. Leave it at the door.

Thank you Headway :-)

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Hit the nail on the head! I felt like that too. It was my gentle way of reintroduction to real life. There were others at the Headway who were worse off too , that made me stop feeling so sorry for myself. It was awkward at times because there were a lot of older folk and just few youngsters.

It was a friendly relaxed place, only game they played that I couldn't cope with was dominoes due to the clattering and chapping of dominous on table tops!

Headway introduced Me to art, I went to a print school during the summer holidays for two summers than got a place in college doing art. I really enjoyed it and it gave me a sense of achievement especially when I got a certificate from the SQA.

I hope you have a great time today. I hope it doesn't leave you too tired.

Many thanks to Headway Angus from me :-)

hayabusa in reply to Danslatete

I talk to anyone and especially the clients who struggle the most to talk. Because I want to make an effort with them. They need the extra effort.

I have befriended a young lady who like me was a thrill seaker with dangerous past times. She is about the same age as my daughter.

Mid 20s.

We talk and talk because we can.

She is full of life and very active despite her injury. She is cool!

How I wish I was close enough to one to go I would love to, so have a good time, I'm off swimming though it's an ordeal, and not much interaction with others, but I know it's good for me. Xxx Janet

hayabusa in reply to Kirk5w7

Swimming is fantastic, I wish I could go, but my body will not take it. That's very brave to push yourself to go out and do it?

I totally agree. I love going to the Headway coffee morning on Monday, and our social group on Friday. The people there are on the same page as me, and we can understand one another. The word games, etcetera we play are so good for me! Thanks to Headway, I now can go forward in life. I understand it can't be as it used to be, but at least I am alive!

hayabusa in reply to Nutkin33

So pleased to hear you enjoy the meetings and support.

We have some amazing and outspoken characters who you can't help but love. They have us in fits of laughter.

I've spent years isolating myself away from people. I have lost so much trust in other people. But the people at Headway are different, I can't say why or how, but they are just there.?

Sounds great Hayabusa ; wish there was one near me.

Hope you've enjoyed the visit & keep up that bold spirit of yours. :-)

hayabusa in reply to cat3

Thank you so much cat.

Don't ever stop loving and caring :-)

Thank you all for the positive comments.

From when I first went to see Headway, it took me 3 years of fighting to gain access to that critical support. I don't ask for anything, I am self reliant and I don't trust either. But the GP and adult social care were quite simply obstructive.

But from that first visit I knew it was something good and I knew I wanted to be there. Call me a stubborn old fella, but when I set my heart on something I will do it.

Well it was worth the 3 year fight :-)

When they said it was a community, it was just a word and didn't mean anything until I started attending. Then I knew how supportive and caring EVERYONE is. Not just the staff and volunteers. Everyone looks after everyone and everyone understands.

A snapshot of some of the stories show profound tragedy. It is not just humbling, but it helps me to understand.

Just spending time with those people helps me deal better with my issues and most importantly to gain better perspective.

You can't mend the damage I have, it goes way into my past from childhood. Trauma overlaid upon trauma overlaid upon trauma. My neurologist said this is who I am. This is me, he cannot disassemble me and risk trying to rebuild me. He was an honest man. He knows he hasn't got the right to tamper with me after all I've been through in my lifetime.

So Headway helps me to put somethings in place and also they have started me on a journey I didn't think I would ever be able or want to start. In some way to start to trust just a little.

People have slowly started to talk to me even the very quiet ones. I have a quite savage appearance which deters people from coming near me. It works for me and against me. But I care about other people very much especially those who suffer. It's called empathy.

We are like a special club? The initiation is quite brutal and we didn't even ask to join this club. But most of us are lifetime members.

We are survivors.

God bless all survivors.

Open day and bbq tomorrow!!!!!

I'm taking my partner Ruth because she loves Headway too. :-) Chance to meet everyone and see my handiwork.

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