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has anybody showed a medical practicioner there headway card and the person actually knew what it was ? on two occassions ive shown it, because i swear and on both occassions been asked what its for ?

HEADWAY think you need to get out there and educate people how important that card can be to someone with a bi especially those who dont have any obvious diabilities !!!!

youre quick enough to edit a post, but heres aproblem we come across.....people who say they understand, give advice, but at the end of the day ,havent got a clue because thankfully theyve never had a bi

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You'd be lucky, I have met some medical practitioners who don't even know about head injuries let alone a headway card!

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steve55 in reply to sospan

thats why headway should be getting out there letting people know what the card is all about

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sospan in reply to steve55

About two years ago, Headway ran a very large campaign to educate medical professionals, mainly GP's on Brain Injury.

Headway have limit funds and resources and promoting "the card" will only detract from other initiatives.

Personally, I have never needed the card as I have found just saying "sorry I may be slow because I banged my head a few years ago" even when my speech was poor, I never had an issue.

Yep thats about right, I showed my lads at work yesterday and they didn't really understand but then when I explained it to them and how you can't see the injury acceptance was concluded.

Its difficult though but we have to try. X

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steve55 in reply to MXman

its not there fault though if enough publicity isnt pushed around.

at the end of the day your the one that looks a prick !!!

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MXman in reply to steve55

Nope your right they just need educating, well my lot do anyway.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your post. You make a good point that awareness of schemes such as our survivor card is low among the general population, including GPs and other medical practitioners.

As mentioned we did make GPs the focus of a previous Action for Brain Injury Week campaign and we continue to work to improve awareness. You can see the resources we put together for GPs at headway.org.uk/about-brain-...

We have plans to further push this and our card in 2016 and hope that bit by bit we can raise awareness among this important group. Your feedback is really helpful in setting our priorities.

Best wishes,


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steve55 in reply to headwayuk

thats good thankyou; i do appreciate that funds are tight, so one of my reasons for brining it up is in the hope that members on this site who belong to headway groups, will bring it up so more can be done at grass roots level to make not only medical practictioners as a whole aware of headway and the cards.

i for one will be raising it at the next group meeting, it wont cost them money, it just means arranging to go into local stores to make people aware and maybe make a few bob as well. it wouldnt hurt them to get off their butts ( im refering to my area ) another way of raising money would be writing to businesses asking them if they would do a benefits day and all the cash raised would go to headway.

try it, people may even enjoy it !!!

What is the survival card? Please

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moo196 in reply to jacxx

I read about this on here - its a little laminated card that says something like " please be patient with me if I am a little slow, find difficulty communicating or concentrating " ( sorry not 100% sure of wording ) ..... just saves explaining verbally - particularly useful in the early days ( tho I didn't get mine til much later ) .... I got a few of them from local Headway - keep one with me and have one pinned up at work :-)

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jacxx in reply to moo196

Thank you for your reply

I will ask for one at my Headway group, shame they haven't told me about it

I haven't had to use mine as such but keep one in most jacket pockets just in case and have one pinned up at work - just as a reminder that things are not all they appear to be all the time. :-)

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