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Headway Acute Trauma Service Nurses - R.I.P.

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Today, i learnt that it was my local HATS Nurse last day at work - there has been no announcement from Headway stating she was leaving or thanking her for the sterling effort she gave to families at the QE.

She will be sorely missed - I wonder what Headway will do with the money that was raised towards the role.

I wonder what will happen to the HATS Nurses as a whole - there are only two left, rumour has it that there will soon be only one.

Such a shame, as this was a shining jewel in Headway UK's crown - a crown which is looking a bit tarnished....I what have Headway ever given us....

Well, award winning publications.....yes well I appreciate that, what else have they given us.....

The Brain Injury ID Cards - yes, yes, I give you that....what else have they given us...

Well, an excellent Helpline....alright, alright I give you that - HATS Nurses topped them all though - just can't believe it is being hung out to dry....any news Headway UK?

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I met one at least at Headway’s conference, I seem to remember that the nurses where funded by a grant? Than directly by Headway which after all is quite a small charity!

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The HATS Project was funded by a Big Lottery Grant for 3 years. You would have thought given the success of such a service that Headway would have fund raised specifically for these posts or worked with the relevant Hospitals to part fund the role straight away, instead of looking at the end when it was obvious that the Big Lottery were not going to fund it again.

Or, with £2.4m in unrestricted reserves that they could fund from core funds

That seems very sad.

My local Headway outreach service is incredible, apparently there's only 5 staff to cover the entire NI region and they have done so much.

I'm sorry they've discontinued the HATS service, it wasn't available here but it sounds as if it was very helpful. It's always a shame to have funding cut...

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Excellent - nice to local Groups and Branches leading the way - they are coal face of Headway. 💜 The local groups.

That is very sad. I had a wonderful Hats nurse called Alex, she helped me get through the first part of a very traumatic stage and I was still able to contact her over a year later if needed. I did message her end of last year and I was wondering why I didn't get a reply, so sad.

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Was she in the Walton centre in Liverpool? If so, I met her, and yes she was nice. I didn't know I could still ring her, I might do that. Not sure what Hats stands for?

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Headway Acute Trauma Services I think 👍

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I met her in Preston hospital.

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I believe she is still there👍

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