Headway T-shirt

Headway T-shirt

I Have designed my own Headway T-shirt and got it printed via a website called streetshirts.co.uk.

All I got to see online was the actual design of the shirt that I made. Delivery was quick, I ordered on a Saturday and the shirt arrived on a Tuesday.

Oh on the back of the shirt, it says "... Until you read the contents" and at the top/back it says "Service user mentor" as I am a volunteer for Headway.

I think the outcome of the shirt is pretty good, what do you guys think?

Take care,


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  • Fantastic.

  • Thanks :).

  • I think its brilliant Matt. K

  • Thank you :).

  • Love it :) very effective message and great colour :)

  • Thank you Elanor :).

    That message/quote has been something I have stood by for quite some time and the colour is one of my favourite colours. It reflects my personality, mostly cold with a bit of warmth.

    I prefer to be cold than hot, not cold as in big ego or anything like that :).

  • I want one x

  • Hi Candy,

    You could get one by visiting the streetshirts.co.uk website and design one yourself, that is hot I got mine.

    And you can have a different coloured shirt, your own quote on it and your own logo.

    Mine cost £13 and I think you can have have embroidary as well, which I would imagine would cost more.

    Take care,


  • matt yep i like it mate, shouldnt restrict it to just you, this is the sort of thing headway needs.

    im one of the lucky ones im mobile i can talk, although the things i come out im sure my wife wishes i couldnt, im numb down my left side but ive had people look me as much to say " whats wrong with him " ?

    ill show your design to my group, our next meeting isnt until the 8th of june i think giving you time to price them up and maybe even contact headway with your design.

    good luck


  • Hi Steve and thanks :),

    I'll have you know though, I wasn't trying to restrict the shirt just to me though. The shirt has my name on it because it is a nametag for other people to look at if they forget my name :).

    And I didn't actually make this shirt in hope to make money. I made the design and had to pay a website for them to print it out for me so I can wear it as a kind of uniform for my local Headway group... And I can also choose to wear it other times when I am out and about in order to spread awareness :).

    The only time where I will be making some money is through selling my art :).

    Take care,


  • sorry matt i think you may have misunderstood what i meant.

    there are a lot of us whove had a bi and although we may look ok, have a few issues....eg in my case i swear and my behaviour can be inappropriate.

    now i know youll be entering the headway xmas card competition and i know youve done designs for headway before.

    my comments were not meant to offend but to compliment and show how the wording could be used for others with a bi.

    my favourite saying used to be ........but for the grace of god go i.....that person could have been me, now its...........disability isnt always physical.......ok i have weakness down my left hand side but i can walk....i have mental issues.


  • With my BI, I probably look different to most others and others can treat me differently which is why I had the "Don't judge a book by it's cover" quote.

    Yes, that is mainly restricted at me but that specific shirt is mine and my quote that I chose to have. Other people would want a different quote on theirs and they can choose a different quote if they like.

    The main factor is, it has the Headway logo on it and it is about wearing the shirt in public and getting the public more familiar with the Headway logo.

    How did you know I would be entering the Headway xmas card competition?

    Lucky guess? :).

    take care,


  • no you were on here a while and let us know mate

  • Ah yeah, I remember now.

    I forgot for a minute then :).

  • Great t-shirt! Well done. xx

  • Thanks Peaches :).

  • Love it Matty. The message says it all. I had a consultant yesterday explaining what intermittent meant. Yes, because I am slow with words, does not mean I have lost my intelligence. He had a sarcastic answer back! I may order one to remind him again at my next visit, which will be an endoscopy😷


    Hey I love the colour too

    Semolina 😄

  • I'm glad you love it Sem :).

    I think a lot of people might look at me and, not exactly call me thick, but I think that they might think "Oh he won't be able to handle this" or "He won't know anything about that". My very own mother can be like this! Also, I have boyish good looks too, joking. But seriously, I look younger than I am so that might not really help things.

    But I can surprise people with what I come up with :). I have been told before that I am a dark horse :).

  • My mother can be like with me now, and she is 73! I try and not be like that with my son, but sometimes I think oh God I sound like my mother.

    Dark horse Matty, yes you your clever than you think 😄. Hope the weather is good for you this weekend xx semolina.

  • Well thank you Semmy :). I'm glad you think so.

    I heard on the radio today that temperature is supposed to get cooler where we are.

    I hope it doesn't get too cool. I like the cold more than being hot but lately the weather has been lovely. Today was bright and not too hot, lovely weather :).

  • I think it's fabulous 😀

  • Thank you :).

  • Love it.. the quote is fab as is putting your name on it amazing..

    I keep dropping hints the size of boulders stickers badges anything with names on at headway group. Hate forgeting peoples names over and over again.

    Would also save me explaining I am not a voluteer OT or carer. Its a compliment in a way but explaining what i have been through is sometimes hard work word finding issues and i hate the attention and thats not a BI thing thats just me.

    If I ever win the lottery or work out a way to raise a serious amount of money i am buying everyone in headway in the whole uk one of your t shirts x

    And some labels xx

  • Glad you like the shirt marzy :).

    Yes labels as well would be good because you don't want all these Headway users to be called 'Matt' haha.

    I know someone through my Headway who isn't too good with names and she was told that if she forgets at one time, she should think of a picture or item that will remind her there name.

    So if someone forgets my name, I could say to them "When you open your front door to your house you wipe your feet on a..." Then they say "mat".

    Then I add "But that doesn't mean you can walk all over me :)".

    Other than that description/image, you could say that my name refers to a paint/emulsion. And that would also be the correct way to spell my name. 2 Ts :).

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