Thank you all for advice

Hi all went well although specialist wasn't available but happy to see the lovely becky aneurysm was 5.3 apparently everything else was as expected at 6 months on fatigue headaches swallowing all about teaching my brain to work faster and she is getting me an appointment for speech therapy so hopefully not everything will be a thingy 😁

Thank you all for your advice


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  • What a relief for you Dizzy ! If only we'd appreciated before our injuries how brilliant it would feel ....................just being 'normal'.

    And good new about the speech therapy.

    Glad to hear your 'thingy' is being dealt with too !! ;-) xxx

  • Good news Dizzy.

    Isn't it great to have support and a plan to help you progress.

    Here's to a much better future and a lot fewer thingys as Cat says

    Love n hugs


  • Glad it went well....onwards !☺

  • YAY! for speech thearpy and your're thingy! nice one

  • I am pleased you had a positive outcome from consultation, and speech therapy.


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