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Thank you all


Thank you all who have replied to my message from yesterday.

Just to let you all know after alot of ringing around various people and departments and good support from Kathryn from the Grimsby headway group. I have got my husband an appointment with the neuropsychology department on Monday.

I rung and left a voicemail this morning just to see what was happening and how long it would be before he would be seen. They rung me about 15.30 to say they hadn't received the referral as the doctor sends them by post. So they got it emailed over and they had an appointment they couldn't fill for Monday. Did I want it ?

It's such a relief. He's still at his nephew's and after a bit if persuasion from him, me one if his friends and speaking to Kathryn he's not looking for somewhere to live for now.

We've along way to go. But at least this had a start. I am not giving up without one hell of a fight. Without me fighting his corner he'd have No one. I love the man like crazy.

Thank you all again xx

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Glad to hear you're getting a little help.

Put your feet up for a bit and make good plans for next week to make the most of the appointments.


Thats great news, the sooner you can get him help and he accepts that something isnt right the better, it may take a stranger to make your hubby realise that, although not his fault, there is something wrong and that there is help out there 🙂

Keep us updated and we will keep our fingers crossed for you and your husband



Fantastic Mariejo, this isnt his fault either, i would hope the real him is still in there , its just going to take the professionals a little time to coax him out.

All the best

Janet xxxx


Great news Marie. Let us know how it goes with the neuro on Monday. I hope this will be the start of your man finding his way back to you ! Best wishes...........xx


Fabulous. Good luck with it all, best wishes to you both xxx


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