Thank you x

Hello all you lovely people on this for, Jules here.

Many of you on this forum have taken the time to 'chat' to me over the past few years, helping me through some difficult times, and given me many a giggle too !

I seem thou nowadays to be asking for help everyday, rather than reading others posts with simply the intentions of helping you (and many of you i have discovered deal daily with issues mammoth to mine.

Some of you might recall that i have decided at my next appointment with the Trauma people to talk about the crash. The appointment is on Monday. I can only imagine how bad i am going to be when this starts.

So, i will just say thank you to everyone again now and leave the forum, best wishes to you all.

Take care, love yah



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  • Take care Jules and good luck with your appointment. If you can do come back. Nick Xx

  • Good luck and yes I do hope you can come back when the time is right for you x

  • Love and best wishes to you Jules. Hope all goes well with the appointment and that you eventually manage to resolve all the issues around the crash. Just remember, everyone is here for you and will be waiting when you are able to come on this forum again.


  • Take care and good luck. Trust me, how you feel about the people on her, I think I can speak for everyone in saying we/they feel the same way about you. So hurry back, you slacker :)

    Terry The Lethargic Aardvark

  • Hi jules I know I paths haven't crossed much be I read most of your posts,my brain won't let me read the long ones, I just wanted to say I hope all goes well

    Luv n hugs

    Lewann x

  • Hope it all goes well for you Jules. Look after yourself. It would be an ideal world, to hear from you sometime down the track. Take care. big hug xx

  • Good luck for monday xx. I know i get a little lost sometimes and im only the mum xx. I really hope it helps you at your appointment xx

  • DONT LEAVE US, we are here to help. This is the time you need us. Yes you came on here for diff reasons but are going through a time now we're you must be looking after you. You have to put yourself first and there really is no reason we will think anything else of you. I have been saying you need to put yourself first for a long time now and I am so pleased you have done it. I really feel for you with what this will be like but once it's over you've done the last thing you NEED to do. I am sending big massive hugs and lots of love to you cause I know you will need them but each time you need a hug whilst you not on here look at the pile I threw on the floor and pick one up. One huge hug to help you xxx

  • Hi Jules,

    I'm sorry to hear this and hope it is only a temporary measure. Remember the forum is here to support and listen in the difficult times too, not just to share the good ones. I think you are very brave, having been so open and honest with your issues. We are going to miss you. Please take care, Angela X

  • Oh Jules.............please come back when you can ! xxx

  • Hoping the appointment went well and wishing you a speedy return back here. Lots of love. xx

  • Thinking of you Jules,. Please stay with the therapy, however tough, and come back to us when you feel able ; we'll be waiting. Sending a great stash of hugs. We love you.

    Cat xxx

  • Hi Jules,

    I'm so sorry, I must have missed your last post. Here's me sitting reading new posts and for the last few days thinking, ooh I hope Jules is doing ok, (cos you haven't posted), and eventually I visit your profile to send you a message, and I read that you're having a break - well I want to wish you all the very best with your trauma therapy and hope you find solutions to the issues you're dealing with. Take care, and don't be a stranger :) look forward to hearing from you sometime whenever you're in the cyber neighbourhood xx

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