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Thank you

Thank you all for your kind words. It really helps to know I've people who understand.

I have organised a weekend away for us both this week so looking forward to it

I will so though i got really cross with marks sister yesterday she was going on about a leaking radiator which i knew she was expecting mark to sort out. ....which he has always done for her in the past. ..

I could see he was getting wound up and stressed and she told him to calm down!

I just flipped. ....sort yiur own problems out i said. Mark doesn't need this stress anymore

They need to understand mark is just not ready for stress

It took me ages to make him understand it's not his problem and calm him down 😕

Anyway onwards and upwards

Thank you for your help xx

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Hi Debbie, my husband still does not understand how the little things can stress me, even the tone of his voice. I can interprete that so badly, we almost fell out over a jigsaw puzzle yesterday, he had bought one for me last Xmas and I hadn't done it yet, I asked him to find it for me, I thought he'd put it in the loft, he said no and said he would look for it last Friday, I waited til last night and said I'll go in the loft and look for it. Not an easy feat for me, he got all shirty etc, etc guess where I found it ? Yes in the loft, even though he swore blind it wasn't there. Anyhow, it's so easy to blow things out of proportion, but I can't cope with stress of any sort now, especially when I'm tired.



I understand because marks the same. Xx i have a book lent to me by an occupational therapist called brain injury. I am going to ask all the family read it and they might begin to understand marks changes and how to change themselves

Take it easy Janet xx


Glad YOU found the jigsaw, Janet, stress can pull you/me/us down so quickly where achievement & satisfaction very often lifts the mood even more quickly. :-)

Shirley xx


Good to hear from you Shirley, hope you're keeping well xxxx


Stick in there, you're doing fine. Always remember that. The work of the carer is often overlooked, yet never forgotten by those in need. When that carer is a loved one, believe me, it's all the more important.

It may not seem like it at the time, but it really is as simple as that. Hindsight, retrospect, pick your terminology, it all means the same, but the passage of time brings the understanding that everything you have done comes from the heart and simple love for the injured.

NEVER forget that. You're one of the true heroes for all of us on here



Thank you we'll get through this 😊



That's great I hope it goes ok??

This is the problem with B/I from the outside we look the same as before "but" this is a "Big But" we are broken to pieces inside!!

Everything looks as before the B/I but we are "Wrecked" to "Peices" inside!!

It's what's known the "Hidden Disablity" & believe me it is as!!

Mind you I hope all goes ok!!


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Since my BI, I so relate to what you are all saying. On a scale, where 10 is maximum response, when something normally would get a 1 or 2 response out of me, I seem to always go to ten fairly rapidly, without a single filter to slow it down. Afterwards, when I have calmed down I have to shake my head in disbelief and where possible apologize for acting like that. My wife deserves a medal and much more for all she does from me and puts up with my limitations. I love her dearly.


Well put. I am like this. Very good news is like rocket fuel to my head and bad news is sometimes like anger rocket fuel, i enjoy it because I could not experience anger before brain injury and I hope I do convert it to a productive force


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