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Thank you all if you

Since my bi caused by a fall 65 feet down a mountain whilst competing to in a triathlon 6 years ago, my back wheel blew, I have tremours in my right arm, dismissed by my neurologist. I have overwhelming fatigue, dismissed by my neurologist. I have depression...guess what dismissed by by neurologist. In fact my neurologist dismisses all I say, making me feel like I don't matter. I need a different neurologist.... I read the posts everyday & I learn so much. Thank you to all of you for just being there & making me realise it's not just me.

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Ask for a different neurologist! Speak to your GP and explain that you aren't happy and would like to change. We did this and now have a very caring man instead of the one with no bedside manner.

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It seems we're all agreed..............get a different neurologist (this could run & run !). You've every right to fair treatment Stan, so see your GP and insist on a second opinion.

I hope you can get a sensible diagnosis soon ; please let us know what your GP says.

Cat x


It makes you wonder why they choose this for a career with that sort of attitude, doesn't it?

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Salary ? Status ? Certainly not patient care. I suppose in all professions there are people who become bored or disillusioned with their choice of work but, where healthcare is concerned, they need to remember it's not about them.

There'll always be those who shouldn't be in the job, but we must remember how many brilliant ones there are too ; only wish the government would give them the respect they deserve ! x

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It really does.


Whilst I have heard from lots of legal people that all Neurologist have knowledge of head injuries and their consequences. When you look at their resumes, many have other things like MS, Parkinsons, etc. but I have yet to see one that has a BI as their speciality.

As lay people, even from our relatively limited exposure with other posters on this board, we can see how complex and diverse the symptoms can be and how they affect people differently.

We really need more medical professionals whom concentrate on head injuries and can gain the necessary expertise and empathy. It isn't as if patients with head injury's is a new area of medicine, I guess it isn't trendy or fashionable enough for young doctors.


Hi Stan dog,

Unfortunately this seems to be a common problem with neurologists ! Not sure if it is down to lack of interest, lack of budget to explore reasons/treatment options etc. If your tremor is down to cerebellum damage, there doesn't seem to be a lot of success in treating this, unfortunately.


I have quite marked neck and spine tremor which occurs with certain movements/postures which can make simple tasks much harder. Perhaps you can relate the way in which your tremor behaves to one of the categories in the above website ?

Fatigue and depression can be common by products of neuro damage. I wish you luck in getting a referral to another, hopefully more interested neurologist !

Kind regards, Angela x


Been to see my GP today who going to write to the neurology department asking for a referral to a different neurologist. I have the best GP who always has time for me & does as much as possible to help me.

Thank you Angela for the web address, I will have a look.



Some doctors and specialists have a nicer ' bedside manner ' than others. It's got something to do with communication skills and empathy.

Perhaps you can find one you click with more with a better bedside manner? Headway will help you too if you call.

You could try diet as well: Tina M Sullivan Nourish your Noggin (book via amazon or similar websites) which accompanies the book on post concussion syndrome by Dr Diane. Dr Diane's book is very interesting too. You can find it on drdiane.com

Hope you feel better soon!

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